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Startup jobs boom in the Cape – South African startups hiring grows

South Africa startup jobs

Looking to work in a startup?

Adzuna has looked at hundreds of the hottest South African tech startups to find patterns in their hiring and to find out what the status of the startup scene is. If you want the report, just click below to download it!

Where are the startup jobs?

Zando topped the ranking and is the hottest hiring startup in the country.

Key findings:

  • Top Industries & Products – the hottest product category is e-Commerce with 23% of the jobs, followed by Marketing (20%) and Financial Technology (17%).  Education and Social round off the top 5 (8% each).

  • A new wave of job ad language – The swell in startup jobs being advertised has brought with it new, quirky language used in job ads. 13 company ads are looking for “Wizards”, 4 for “Legends” and 84 are desperate to find a technology “Guru”. Employers are also seeking 10 “Ninjas”, 2 “Super Heroes” and 5 “Rockstars”.

  • Top hiring companies – Zando is the hottest startup in our list, with a total of 15 open roles. Pricecheck (11 positions) and Cerebra (10) round off the top 3 in our hiring charts.

If you want to find one a startup job, your first stop should always be

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