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10 Creative Job Applications We Love

How to turn an internship into full time job

This week, the Adzuna team has been pondering the all-important question of what makes a CV really stand out from the crowd.

A while ago, we heard a radio interview with a famous advertising guru. He spoke about his struggles, successes and how it all started for him. At the beginning of his career, after several unsuccessful months of searching for his first role in an advertising agency, he decided to change how he presented his CV. Instead of simply posting a hard copy of his CV, he started sending a colourful whole egg shell in a carefully packed parcel. On the shell, he would write a different funny and unique fact about himself for every employer. He included a brief summary of his background on a piece paper attached to the shell. It was not long before he was recruited by one of the top agencies.

In celebration of his success, and because we at Adzuna Towers love a creative CV campaign, here are few of our favourite attention-grabbing applications!


1. The Milk Carton

6e77e706f996266a6ebdd480022276f1Designer Miguel Rato, measured out just the right quantity of creativity  to showcase his skills, featuring ingredients like his ‘high calorie’ skills in Photoshop and ‘medium calorie’ abilities in HTML and CSS.


2. The Underground Map


A job hunting journey with a difference – inspired by the famous London tube map design,  Jonathan Kaczynski arrived at the inspired idea of drawing a CV  along the same lines, Nest stop: Job Interview Junction


3. The Chocolate Bar

this-candy-bar-resume-went-viral-on-reddit-and-got-its-creator-a-marketing-jobWhat a sweet way into a job! After some cold responses to his normal CV from companies, this candid candidate wrapped a sweet treat in his credentials. Yum.


4. The CV-shirt

resume_shirtLess of a t-shirt, more of a ME-shirt: this clever lady wore her application on her sleeve.


5. The Poster

a392250635ae6e4de93d4b1bbbd10432Monica Gomes turned her CV into a poster-child of applications, styling her application as a retro ad.  The result? She won a  job offer with one of her target organisations.


6. The Google Search Page


One clever tech type decided to make a bid for employment at the cultural colossus that is google – and what better way to show off your design and technical expertise than creating a personalised search page to help the hiring manager find the perfect candidate?


7. The Film Case

brianLanding a role at Pixar isn’t easy, but this animation aficionado certainly gets five stars from us for this performance.  He sent an old-school film case to the hiring team, which housed a notebook featuring gorgeous illustrations and notes detailing his skills and previous  projects. We don’t know if it worked but we wish we had though of this ourselves!


8. The Comic Strip

FJGarciaA fun and innovative take on the run-of-the-mill job application, this candidate took the opportunity to showcase their artistic abilities, unique approach to projects and sense of humour simultaneously.


9. The Board Game 

designgamefbBoasting creativity and nostalgia in equal quantities, this extraordinary application invited the recruiter to play to find out more, and included an instruction booklet resume. Game on!


10. The Handkerchief

resume_on_fabricWhen the employer spills tea over this one, at least they’ll be able to wash it.

Do you have any brilliant examples of outstanding CVs? Share them with us on our Twitter and Facebook page.