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6 Easy Career Hacks Few Remember To Do

Sometimes the most obvious advice is the most powerful. These easy-peasy career hacks are not rocket science, but trust us, employed in any career from fast-food servers to mechanical engineers will bring you success.

1. Write it downPen and paper

Want to be known as someone who can always get the job done? Make sure you have a pen and paper, smartphone or tablet at the ready as it’s a genius way to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. This is no more important than when you’re starting a new job and there’s a lot of information to absorb in a very short amount of time. Writing down important tasks and information is the best way to ensure you can actually execute them. Also it indicates to your employer that your the sort of person who’s diligent about listening. Its a win-win situation.

2. Get Organized with a capital ‘O’

Easy career life hacks2
Following on from the last tip, having an organised system for writing down your notes, memorizing meetings, and planning ahead for assignments is the key to success. Successful people are detail-oriented for example using a tool such as Evernote means that everything of importance, from inspirational ideas, vital memos are synchronized between all your digital devices.

3. Look for the instructions 

Before embarking on any task, make sure you find out exactly what the instructions are. Even if your not sure how to do it, Google it.

4. Over-communicate

When you’re assigned any task don’t be afraid to over-communicate. Whether you just simply don’t understand the task at hand or have some ideas about how it could be done better, it’s always better to communicate with your colleagues or superiors. This ensures neither you nor anyone else in your team wastes their time.

5. Double check.

You don’t have to be Einstein or the sharpest tool in the shed to get that dream promotion. Rather, make yourself indispensable by catching those simple mistakes and fixes them. You will never regret double or even triple checking your work.

6. Do as you would be done by

Easy career life hacks
This saying basically means treat others as you would like to be treated. Your ability to get on well with your colleagues and clients will be a big driver for your promotion.

7. Think outside the box

Each month come up with an idea that will help your team reach its targets or satisfy its objectives. Really think the steps through from start to finish. Even if just a few of your ideas get the go-ahead, your superiors will be impressed with the initiative and ability to think outside the box.