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Do You Have Little Work Experience? How To Pimp Your Resume

Searching for a job can be exhausting and depressing. That is no secret. However, when you find the perfect opportunity you need to make sure you shine bright like a diamond and the most important weapon in your armory is your resume. This is where you can show off all your previous experience, skills, qualities and achievements. Ah! What happens if you don’t have much experience yet as is the case with many graduates. No fear, just because you are searching for your first job or looking for a job in a new industry, here are a few simple tips on how to beef up your resume.

Add Seasonal and Apprenticeship Work

How to Pimp Your Resume - Hire Me

Chances are if you’re a graduate you don’t have years of full time work experience yet. This does not matter. You should, however, make sure you highlight any seasonal jobs, part time employment or apprenticeships you have done while at school. Get your foot in the door with some hands-on experience in your industry of choice. The best way to do this is an internship. This will demonstrate to your future employer that you have some ‘real life’ experience and are a dedicated worker. Who knows, you might even get a job off the back of this internship.

How to Pimp Your Resume - Make Things HappenCreate a Specialization with More Schooling

Once you have finished school or university, we recommend enrolling in an additional course to pad out your resume. This will not only add a few more strings to your bow and make you more employable and qualified, but will also help to narrow down the focus of your job hunt. Certify yourself with the relevant credentials needed in your desired industry. It will automatically open doors as you are no longer an inexperienced graduate, but someone who is qualified. Think of tests, certificates and courses as keys that open doors to better employment.

Volunteer for a Good Cause

How to Pimp Your Resume

Worried about all the empty spaces in your resume? Volunteering is one of the most intelligent ways to pimp your resume. You will gain some valuable attributes with which to market yourself in your job interview and expand your contacts. At the very least you will use your downtime to do something valuable for society. Your resume will shine brighter with this impressive personal traits.

Outside-School/Work Accomplishments

If you have taken any considerable time off such as travelling (eh… gap year?), your resume needs to highlight some of the positive qualities that come from it. You are adventurous, good at planning and budgeting, charitable, logistical. Tease out as many skills and achievements as you can to represent you in the best light.

What NOT to do…

  1. Never tell a fib on your resume
  2. Avoid being idle at all costs
  3. Don’t forget your existing skills (computer skills, design, filming, music…)
  4. Don’t be defeated by lack of experience.

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Good Luck