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6 Rules For Starting Your New Job On The Right Foot

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Landing your dream job after months of searching is not the end of the road. Rather it is much more the beginning of a long journey to ensure your long-term success. Once you’ve started your new job there is a lot to learn and even more to prove. You need to show that they were right to pick you as the perfect candidate for the role and will be a valuable asset to the company. Therefore, starting your career off on the right foot is worth a little research and focus to make sure you are doing your best.

1. Get to know the important players Businessman Wearing Cape

Everybody knows it takes a while to get settled into a new job, anywhere from 30-90 days depending on your job and responsibilities. Therefore immediate impact is not as important as long term results. This window of time is your opportunity to suss-out the inner workings of the company, the people and their roles. Work out who to make alliances with and who to keep at arms-length.

QC-8622. First impressions

Greet everyone with a smile and remember their names. (Side note: Don’t overdo the smiling as you don’t want to come across as creepy). People will react well to you have you arrive with a positive attitude. It is also impressive when someone remembers your name, straight off the bat. The majority of people forget someone’s name as soon as they’ve been introduced. Look people in the eye and listen to their name. Then try to think of a characteristic the links that person to their name. Eg: Georgia is wearing glasses.

company-culture4. Understand company culture

Get to know how the company gets things done; from management style, leadership style and other facets of company culture. Understanding how your boss leads or manages is fundamental to a good working relationship and ultimately nailing those results.

5. Stay away from office dramapaperbagheads

Getting along and making friends with your colleagues is definitely an important part of office life, but don’t get dragged down into the chitter-chatter of gossipers. Be careful what you say and consider everything you hear to be private, this way you will never get caught out with you hand in the ‘gossip jar’ and you won’t go wrong.

6. Schedule your 6 month review

Keep a schedule of what you want to achieve and by when and continuously check and double check your performance. This way, when it comes to your 6 month review with your boss, you are already ahead of the game.