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4 Ways to Keep Job Searching During the Holidays

One of the worst things you could do as a job seeker during the holidays is to slack off. We all know how distracting the holiday season can be, with endless festive parties, mountains of indulgent treats and the spirit of good cheer, but don’t loose momentum. This is your time to get yourself into hiring shape in time for the new year when companies are likely to start looking for new staff with the new year’s budget. While the holiday season is mainly about family and friends coming together, it is also packed with networking opportunities, old and new. Take advantage of the season’s traditions and make keep your holiday job search moving.Job search Holiday Season4

1. Make Yourself A Schedule

If you’re organised, the holiday season is yours for the taking. There are more parties and meet-ups than any other time of the year, and generally, everybody is in high spirits. To keep yourself on track create a schedule of the most important appointments each week, from networking opportunities to dedicating days per week to search online for job vacancies and following up on leads etc.

2. Utilize Networks, Old and New

While some parts of business life slow down at this time of the year, other aspects present a bigger opportunity than any other time of the year. Nearly every organisation, committee, club, group or society will be planning a holiday party to celebrate the end of the year. Not only are these great fun but it is also an invaluable networking window.

Job search Holiday SeasonIt’s your chance to let people know you are in the market for a new jobs. While they may not have an job for you immediately, the more people who know and the more people on your side, the better. Holiday events tend to attract more people as the pressures of normal work life are eased, plus most people are in more amenable, festive moods.

Note, you have to attend these events with a professional focus, but don’t come in too strong, selling yourself to every guest. Also don’t get carried away and over indulge on the free food and booze and make yourself look like a fool. Calmly network around the room, scouting out the industry movers and shakers, make engaged conversation and subtly work in the topic that you’re looking for a career change.

3. VolunteeringJob search Holiday Season3

There are many up sides to taking part in some volunteering over the holiday period. Firstly it is a time when many charitable organizations are hunting for extra volunteers to help in various different industries. Secondly it reflects well on you that you’re prepared to give up your time to help others and prospective employers will be impressed. Lastly it is a great way to get involved in the industry of your choice and to expand your network.

Job search Holiday Season24. Don’t Lose Sight

The holiday period is time to connect with family and friends and unwind after a long year, but do not lose sight of your job search goal of finding new employment. Get yourself prepared for a great start to the new year and make yourself more employable than ever.

Happy Holidays