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How Can I Turn An internship Into A Full Time job?

How to turn an internship into full time job

As a recent graduate or someone starting off in a new industry, an internship is the best way to get your foot in the door. Now you’re coming towards the end of your internship and it is time to work out the next steps. You absolutely loved your experience and have a lot more to contribute and learn. You’re probably asking, “How can I turn an internship into a full time job?” The answer may not be easy and there are no shortcuts, but if you apply yourself and demonstrate you are professional and business savvy, your dream job could be yours.

Keep A Finger On The Pulse Of What’s Going On How to turn an internship into full time job

As an intern you are expected to be a sponge absorbing information from everything around you. The first tip to transforming your internship into a real job is to be constantly aware of daily happenings in the company and industry. Keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on. Ask thoughtful and discreet questions to your colleagues without overstepping the line and being annoying.

How to turn an internship into full time jobGoogle Alerts

A great tip for staying clued up on all the latest news is to set up Google Alerts. This will notify you via email whenever there is anything in online about your company, boss, other influential figures and your specific industry. You can also set up similar alerts on various social media channels. This will be great conversation fodder around the office and will really show to your superiors that you’re invested in the industry.

Keep Track Of Your AchievementsHow to turn an internship into full time job2

Why do you deserve a full time job? This is a favorite question among hiring managers and one that will be your downfall if you don’t have a convincing answer. “Cos I want it” doesn’t suffice. Throughout your internship, keep tabs and information on everything you achieve at work. This will be important if anyone surprises you with the question what have you achieved during your time here. To avoid the dreaded awkward empty stare, act like a cowboy and keep that information ready to fire!

How to turn an internship into full time jobDon’t Be A Know-It-All

Keeping an armory of information about your achievements ready to fire does not mean you should go around bragging about how great you are. That will get you nowhere and will likely piss off you colleagues more than anything. If you finish a task early, a good employee will find something else to do. Ask your superior if there is anything you can do to help, anything at all. This kind of proactive work will show that you want to be a part of everything. Offering to help your colleagues, even if it isn’t your responsibility is a great way to bond and cement your place in the team.

These simple steps are not a guaranteed formula to transforming an internship into a full time job, but they will definitely tip the scales in your favor. The most important lesson to take away from this is to make an impression. If they can forget you, they won’t hire you. If you make yourself indispensable, come across as friendly, dedicated, efficient and professional they’d be mad not to hire you.