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7 Qualities To Look For In A Cool Company

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Would you like to work for a cool company? Hell yes! Ask any jobseeker across world and they’ll have the same response. In today’s job market the competition for jobs is getting tougher and tougher and you don’t always have to luxury to find a ‘cool’ opportunity. However what makes a company cool? What does a company have to have to give it the X factor and attract rockstar employees?

happy-employeesThe good news is that coolness is subjective. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and there is no clear-cut formula. But one thing is clear – a cool company does more than just offer a healthy salary. They have to have the whole package. So how do you determine if a company is cool? Here are 8 of our most standout ingredients for a cool company.

  1. The company provides a product or a service that you really respect and approve of.
  2. You admire or have an affinity to the reason the founders started the company.
  3. The company is at the top of it’s game and is the clear leader in the market.
  4. The company is doing something really disruptive and game changing in their industry.
  5. Employees are treated with respect and are encouraged to enjoy their time at work.
  6. The office is cool and inspiring.
  7. Employee benefits are designed to make life more satisfying such as flexible work hours.
  8. The company helps make the world a better place.

If a company has one or more from this list, it is considered cool in our eyes. So when you’re deciding where you’ll work next, keep these qualities in mind and make sure your next prospective job has as many as you can. Happy employees are productive employees.