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6 Signs of an Un-Cool Company to Avoid

Tech Interview Errors

Last week we discussed what characteristics make a company cool and attractive to work for. This week we’re going to pop the lid on what makes a company uncool, what tell-tale signs to watch out for when you’re job seeking to make sure you avoid these uber uncool companies.dream job

1. An outdated website from the 90s.

First impressions mean everything and if the company has a tired and outdated website, it speaks a thousand words. Don’t waste your time applying for a job with a company that doesn’t care about their online presence. If the website looks boring, old, stuffy, plain, or cheap – move on.

facebook-fail2. Social media channels are generic and lack any personality.

Today every company is expected to have an social presence, it is the company’s voice. If they have boring, generic posts that feel like they’re way too automated, it suggests they don’t know how to engage their audience and/or have nothing interesting to say. Either way it’s not good news. Check out these examples of Africa’s best brand social media to see how the ‘cool guys’ do it.

3. No interesting press about the company’s story nor successes.choosing-career

Cool companies have stories written about them. It’s as simple as that. If the press are not interested in showcasing your success, then it is safe to assume the company is not good as they say they are.

4. Pretentious, self-important job descriptions

Uncool companies tend to post self-important, unnecessarily complicated job descriptions that ask for loads of unnecessary qualifications. If the job description is tedious, the chances are the job will be boring.

uninspirational bosses5. A faceless team, especially the senior management.

Cool companies are lead by inspirational leaders who are likely to have impressive bios on LinkedIn. Also it’s a good idea to look up the other members in your team to get an idea if you’re likely to get on. If there is nothing online showcasing the company’s team, it’s likely they’re not worth shouting about.

6. No philanthropic or charitable qualities.

Companies that are blinded by the bottom line, profits and success are generally not a cool place to work. They have no soul and are likely to treat you as a tool to be used rather than a member of the team to be supported and valued. Cool companies put profits before people and can be seen to support altruistic causes.