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Adzuna announces integration with Placement Partner Online Recruitment Software

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Adzuna in South Africa has announced integration with Placement Partner Online Recruitment Software. With what is probably the largest amount of recruitment agency clients in South Africa, this partnership solidifies Adzuna’s call to list “every job, everywhere”. A recruitment agent placing a new job advertisement on their internal system, can now see the job live on Adzuna minutes later.

Recruiters have now come to realise that they are paying not for an advert, but for a quantity of online traffic to their advertised vacancies. They are increasingly looking for ways to buy the best traffic at the most affordable rates. This integration will allow them to do so with ease.

Recruitment agencies and companies looking for software to better run their businesses should definitely consider using Placement Partner’s suite of products. Their software does not only manage candidate applications, but also other aspects of the business, taking away much administrative work and helping consultants to spend more time with job seekers and employers.

The integration is complete and any company using Placement Partner can now automatically appear on Adzuna. Should you be interested in Placement Partner software, kindly contact them through their website: