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How To Write Better Job Adverts To Attract Better Applicants

What is the purpose of a job advert? It is to find a suitable employee to perfectly fill a role in a company. There are tens of thousands of online job ads searching for every manor of employees from high-powered CEOs and managers to hardworking waitresses and long-suffering lorry drivers. One of the biggest How To Write Better Job Adverts To Attract Better Applicantsobstacles to matching the perfect candidate with his/her ideal job is actually finding that specific job advert. Finding a job is a job itself! Employers have the challenge to accurately paint a picture of the role and company culture, job seekers have the challenge to decipher what the employers are looking for and if they want to work there.

Its all in the title

As with most online content, the title is one of the most important aspects. The title has to give job seekers a taster of what is included in the rest of the job advert. Job search engines such as Google and Adzuna generally only show the title, salary and a shortened description. From the carefully selected buzzwords included in the title, if the applicant is interested they will click to find out more.

It is critically important to get the title right! It has to perfectly describe the vacancy in as few words as possible. It should include the role, the industry, position and a clue about the company culture.

How To Write Better Job Adverts To Attract Better ApplicantsRe-write the job description (please!)

Once the interested candidate clicks on the job advert they can then read the whole description including job level, qualifications and experience needed and so on. The relevant department and HR professionals need to collaborate here to come up with some clear bullet points to accurately describe the role and company culture. There is no sense in littering the description with hidden messages. List the requirement by order of importance. Use a colloquial voice although you were explaining the role to a friend that isn’t heavy with industry jargon.

Order your advert correctly

Once you’ve aced your title and main description it is important to make sure your advert is presented correctly. Start with a line or two about the main role and character of the role. Then explain the 4 or 5 most important requirements, providing the interested candidate with enough information to want to continue reading. After this juicy introduction, this is where you write the main chunk of the description, including as many details about the role as possible including company culture, benefits, responsibilities and more.

Include salary detailsHow To Write Better Job Adverts To Attract Better Applicants

Talking money can be a sensitive issue, however, research shows employers are more likely to attract the best applicant when salary is advertised on the job description. The point is simple, job seekers favor more information than less.