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Strange Skills Sought in South Africa

Dog walker - strange job skills

With our eagle eyes on the 130,000+ online job adverts in South Africa, we have spotted some weird and wonderful vacancies for job seekers with a very strange set of skills. If you’re one of those diamonds in the rough take a look at these unique job positions.

Phlebotomist - strange jobs skillsPhlebotomist

A Phlebotomist, for those of you who don’t already know, are medical professionals who specialise in drawing blood for medical testing, transfusions, research and more. Phlebotomists are trained to take blood samples from the patient’s veins (venipuncture). Adzuna had 9 phlebotomist jobs listed around South Africa in January 2017.

Butler - strange job skillsButler

Butlers are not a normal part of life today. They are associated with the mega rich, Victorian England and old school movies. However, Butlers, House Managers and VIP Services Managers are still in high-demand in South Africa with an average advertised salary of R$178,800. The main employers are hotels, casinos and private individuals.

Dog walker - strange job skillsDog walker

Where there are dogs living in a city, there will be a need for dog walkers. Busy professional owners don’t always have the time to take their dog for a canine friend for a walk during the day when they’re at work. These vacancies are perfect for someone looking for some flexible, part-time work and especially for those who love hanging out with four-legged friends.

Erector - strange job skillsErector

Although this job title may sound dubious, erectors are professionally trained to put up scaffold builders. There is a real science to scaffolding, from the right load-bearing capabilities to health and safety considerations. Scaffolding is subjected to regular checks so it’s important it’s done right.


Captain - strange job skillsCaptain

Not only Ship Captains but South Africa also has a wealth of jobs for Mine Captains. These professionals are responsible for leading teams of sea-faring or underground workers. Adzuna HQ witnessed a smattering of these special skills in vacancies during January.


Mystery shopper - strange job skillsMystery shopper

With over 100 Mystery Shopper positions listed and an average posted salary of R141,000 per annum, these vacancies are an exciting opportunity for those with a lust for shopping. Mystery shoppers are used by companies to conduct market research and demand no particular experience or qualifications.


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