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More South African Companies Look For Skills Overseas

Cape Town offers serenity, but at what cost?

There is a supply and demand imbalance in South Africa with some firms searching abroad to find the right skills to continue and grow operations within the country. Not only do these companies need to compete on an international field to attract the best talent, they are also hindered by challenges with foreign work visas and the pressure to hire at home.More South African Companies Look For Skills Overseas

The rarest skills with the highest demand are mentioned by a number of sources as those in the IT and engineering spheres. Developers (programmers) In many areas this surge has turned the recruitment model on its head, forcing companies to apply for candidates such as developers and fintech candidates as opposed to job seekers applying for jobs.

More South African Companies Look For Skills OverseasTo even have a chance at attracting these sought after tech professionals, a South African company has to compete with international companies and international prices set by Silicon Valley or London. This creates a problem for local firms on the hunt for technical and programming skills.

Here at Adzuna towers in South Africa we have noticed an increasing amount of firms looking abroad to hire staff that they cannot find in South Africa. Companies tend to pick these skills mainly from Africa, India and Eastern Europe where salaries are more competitive.

One of the biggest issues in South Africa when it comes to bringing in talent from overseas is More South African Companies Look For Skills Overseasthe visas. Job-seekers need to have the right qualifications and skills set as defined by the Department of Home Affairs to obtain a work permit. This means one’s skills have to exactly match on of the clearly defined skills listed on the Critical Skills Work Visas. As difficult as this sounds it has actually increased South Africa as a destination for IT industry workers. The JSCE suggests that this new visa type, together with the skills shortage, has led to the jump in expatriate staff moving to South Africa.

Companies who want to compete on the international field for rare foreign skills such as IT, finance and engineering will have to raise their game and place suitable bait on their hooks. South Africa has a lot to offer for job seekers tempted to make the move abroad. Average advertised salaries for in demand skills are competitive plus lower tax rates make the country a great option. The question remains can South Africa’s administrative, governmental and organizational powers play to its strengths and attract the right foreign talent to come, live and contribute to our local economy.