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5 Smart Tools to Help You Job Search like A Super Hero

Job Search like A Super Hero

It’s no secret that hunting for the perfect job is no easy feat. In fact, it is a full-time job in itself from researching opportunities, writing the perfect resume and cover letter, keeping up to date with industry news and networking. There are, however, a number of killer tools that are designed to optimize your search and help you efficiently and successfully get the perfect job.

Mobile App for Android and iOS

Having a job search app can keep you busy and abreast of all new companies employing while on the go. The Adzuna mobile app lets you save job posts that you are interested in and then you can refer to them later when on a computer and then you can apply for them.

Adzuna job search app

Email Alerts

Looking for a job shouldn’t imprison you to scavenging through listings the entire day or night. With mail alerts, you can continue with your daily activities and get alerts when a job opportunity props up. When subscribing to job email alerts, it’s important for you to specify the type of job you’re seeking and your most preferred work location. You are not limited to the number of alerts you can set up. In fact, you can even subscribe to an email alert from a particular job search.

The options for setting up email alerts include setting up advanced search location, salary or specific phrases. The criteria you have to set will depend on what will be used to tailor the job listing alerts you might receive.

Category Filters

Selecting category filters when searching for a job saves you time of scouring through pages of jobs you either don’t qualify for or don’t have preference for. For instance, if you’re looking for financing jobs, you can select the specific sectors or industries that you want to work in. You can select only the banking or education finance jobs to narrow down the jobs available.

Advanced Search

Even very desperate people may not settle for any job availed to them. Every person has their unique preferences of the company, location, salary range and other requirements for the job they seek. The advanced job search feature helps narrow down your search, helping you to make the best decision on the most attractive job offer. With every job searched, there are thousands of results that will be availed. As a smart job seeker, you must realize that you don’t have to go through the entire listing. In fact, the wider the options are, the harder it is to get the appropriate job. Also, you don’t want to waste time going through job listings that you probably won’t apply for. With advanced search, you can set your search criteria using multiple combinations so that your search result is tailored to exactly what you’re looking for or something close.


The ValueMyCV tool works by estimating your market value from your scanned and uploaded CV. This is important as it will give you an idea of the jobs that you’re most suited for so that you can tailor your job search even further.