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Local Division of Graduate of the Year Winner Announced

Every year, Adzuna runs the Graduate of the Year (GOTY) competition, selecting finalists for each country from which the company operates. Entries were initially evaluated on some criteria including professional and academic achievements (in fields such as science, politics, sports, and arts), volunteer work, life experiences, and entrepreneurship. Three shortlisted candidates were then chosen for each country before our international team whittled the selection down to one finalist per country

Today we’ll have a closer look at the winner of this year’s local GOTY division, Terry Tshesebe, a graduate from the Free State Central University of Technology.


Humble beginnings drove the realization of life goals

Terry was born into less-than-amazing circumstances in Bloemfontein, in the Free State province. Today, he’s an Agricultural Management National Diploma holder who is still working towards his degree. His studies are part of his life’s passion, but to help promote on-job training, Terry also flourishes in his role as a leader at the Free State Central University of Technology’s Health and Environmental Sciences faculty.

His primary drive for achieving excellence is based on his excellent grades which he obtained throughout his secondary schooling. Furthermore, Terry received two academic awards during his tertiary education. One of those awards was for achieving an average of 77% for the 2014 school year, and the other was granted to him for achieving an overall average of 81% during the year of 2016.

Terry has always been fired by his love for agricultural management and believes that he possesses the right technical skills and interpersonal skills to help make a lasting change to the face of South Africa’s agricultural industry. To this end, Terry works in the field of education, trying not only to further his studies but to help fuel a fire in the minds of other young individuals.

But the winner of the GOTY South African division isn’t all work and no play. Terry also loves balancing his study time with the proper amount of play. He has quite a few hobbies which he pursues whenever he has some free time. He has a grand vision of one day becoming a leader in his field of study and lives his life according to his high moral values. Being average is just not optional for this student.

Why Adzuna chose Terry as a South African winner

To kick things off, Terry is fluent in 5 languages, which include: English, Afrikaans, Sesotho, Setswana, and Sepedi. During his first and second years of studying, Terry received awards for achieving overall averages of 77% and 81%, proving that he was one of the best in his field.

One of the qualities about Terry that impressed Adzuna most was his ability to get involved in the educational game while still working towards his degree. This is exactly what South Africa’s upcoming agricultural sector needs!

He might not have won the international competition, but to the South African supporters, he is our golden boy!


What goes on behind the scenes?

Adzuna co-founder, Doug Monro, together with tech investor Robin Klein and the MD of HR at Barclaycard, Rose Thompson, were the judges of this year’s GOTY awards. Here are their thoughts on the results of this year’s competition.

Doug Monro:The Class of 2017 faces a tougher, faster-changing economic environment than ever before. Entrepreneurial spirits like Nick’s (winner of the International GOTY award) light the flames of hope for the future, as more talented, passionate, driven graduates find themselves in a position to support businesses with their talent, skills, and passion.

Robin Klein:Once again this year, we have blown away with the sheer volume of bright, gifted students who applied and we’re honored to be a part of helping them take their first step on the career ladder.”

Rose Thomson: “”Being on the judging panel for Graduate of the year 2017 is a real honor, and not least because of the amazing stories we hear of students from all corners of the globe carving amazing paths out in their chosen fields!