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How to Kick-Start Your Career with an Entry-Level Job

As 2017 slowly starts drawing to a close, perhaps you’ve started looking at ways to kick-start your career. Luckily, entry-level jobs are abundant out there, all of them ideally suited for boosting your career success opportunities.

Why would anyone consider taking up an entry-level job?

The answer is relatively simple. We all know how unstable the job market is these days, and we sure know about all the challenges job seekers face on a daily basis. Securing a proper job in the South African workforce can be a task that’s much easier said than done, but by taking small steps (a.k.a. taking up an entry-level job), it can help you develop your skills, skills you’ll need to succeed later on in your career.


What are some of the best entry-level jobs for graduates in South Africa?

While an entry-level job in the engineering sector can help you build a lucrative career, and a junior position in the IT industry can help you grow into a rapidly growing industry, here are some of our other suggestions:


  1. Rep

If you’re considering the idea of taking up a career in sales, then an entry-level position as a sales rep can be just the kick-start you’ve been looking for. You’ll have to sell products and services to customers, assess their needs, and then provide them with products which will fulfill those needs.

What you’ll gain:

By working the field as a sales rep, you’ll be developing your communication and interpersonal skills, which are the cornerstones of all other marketing and sales jobs.


  1. Call Center Operator

As a call center operator, your job will be to answer telephone calls. You’ll also have to take orders and take care of customer queries. You may also be required to liaise with clients via email.

What you’ll gain:

By working as a call center operator, you may develop your communication and interpersonal skills, which can, in turn, be used to apply for sales jobs. You’ll also be learning problem-solving skills and organizational capabilities, which is a great bonus to any CV.


  1. Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are super crucial in corporate companies since they assist senior-level staff with personal and business responsibilities. You’ll have to take care of answering calls, making appointments, and replying to emails when working as a personal assistant, not to mention the fact that you’ll also be planning your boss’s schedule for the day.

What you’ll gain:

As a personal assistant, you’ll have the opportunity of gaining in-depth knowledge about your employer’s field of business as well as what is required for managerial positions. It may also help you develop the skills you’ll need later on to land an administrative job in an office.


  1. Junior Analyst

If you’ve got your eye set on a finance job in the future, it might be a great idea to kick-start your career with an entry-level position as a junior researcher or analyst. You’ll be working together with the customer support, sales, and marketing staff to put together useful information which could help your company perform better in the future.

What you’ll gain:

If you have been working in a junior researcher role for a while, you’ll have gained valuable experience along with leadership and problem-solving skills, which will all help give you a boost when applying for positions in sales, marketing or banking consultancies.


As you can see, entry-level positions are not just for entry-level employees, but they may be some of the most important stepping stones ever for the future of your career. If you haven’t started looking around yet, why not consider browsing Adzuna’s listings of entry-level jobs across SA?