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Do You Have a Future in Coding and Software? Here Are the Tell-Tale Signs It Might Be Your Ideal Fit!

Remember how you completed those knowledge and skills test in high school which was supposed to indicate which field of work would be your ideal fit? Did you end up going down that career path, or are you living a radically different life than the dreams you might have had when you were 18?

When it comes to skills in computer programming, for instance, those tests are far from accurate enough. Why? Because employers in the ICT industry don’t want ‘just another employee.’ They want great skills, and even more importantly, they’re looking for a set of personal attributes which make up the perfect candidate to fill jobs in the coding and software industry. Here are some signs you might actually have a career in the ICT industry:


1. You’re great at solving problems

If you enjoy the challenge of solving a problem, you might be a suitable candidate for a position in the software development sector. Keeping realistic constraints – like budgets and timeframes – in mind when your love of problem-solving is yet another reason why you might be able to land a dream job in software or coding.


2. You’re a Strategy Game Fan

Gaming can be good for you, even more so if you’re into strategy games. When you’re playing strategy games, you’re honing your decision-making abilities. If you enjoy games like chess and bridge, you might also have an aptitude for programming.


3. Music Makes Your Mind Happy

There’s still some debate as far as the correlation between music and math is concerned, but it’s common for folks with musical talent to also have a firm interest in math. If you enjoy music – whether it’s singing or playing an instrument – you might be cut out for a job in programming or developing.


4. You’re Creative

Making something in the virtual world can be just as satisfying as making something in the physical world, and as a creative person, you understand that. In the digital realm, there are no limitations except for your imagination, so just imagine what you’d be able to accomplish if you really poured your heart and soul into a career in the IT industry!


5. You Do Teamwork

Coding is not a one-man job, but instead, a collaborative process. There’s a lot of reviewing and redefining that goes on behind the scenes, and you need team members to help you shake out any bugs in your code. On the flip side, you’ll also be helping others in your department smooth out their work, and since you’re a great team player, this will be such as a natural role for you to fill.


6. You Love the World of Tech

This one seems like a no-brainer, but folks with a deep love and interest for all things related to technology might have futures in the ICT sector. You can establish whether or not a career in coding or development is your ideal fit by assessing your interest in harnessing the potential of technology.


Now that you understand what it takes to pave your way towards a career as a developer or programmer, isn’t it about time you start looking for your ideal job? Adzuna has thousands of great opportunities, all waiting to be filled by great young minds like you!