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How to Fall in Love with Your Job (Again)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air, but how amped will you be to get to work to a job that you’re just not feeling anymore? Just like a good friend, you’re supposed to love the job you do, but unfortunately, we all have times when we just can’t seem to see eye-to-eye with our jobs, but here’s some advice on how to rekindle that spark…


1. Get back in touch with the way you felt when you first started working

When you just started working for your company, there was an abundance of great times including business lunches, after-work drinks at the office, and the opportunity to meet so many new people. But suddenly it’s all gone, and the only one that can do something about it is the person that misses the rain, so be that person! Try to organize a work social, even if it’s just meeting somewhere for a quick drink after work. Who knows, our positive attitude might just rub off on your colleagues, and you’ll end up sharing the benefits with the whole company!


2. Get together with some old friends from work

Remember the friends you had back when you were working for your ex-boss? They miss you, and they’re always willing and able to let off some steam about where they work, so why not organize a get-together? You’ll soon remember why you left your old job and found something you love. The idea that you’re not the one stuck in their shoes anymore should be comforting enough to help remind you of the deep love and passion you have for your current job.


3. Read up on the positives about your company

Try to use the internet to find positive comments about the company you’re working for. Be sure not to get distracted by the negative comments, because as you know, folks just love a good moan. Instead, be on the lookout for all the great reviews out there. You can use the positive comments as reasons for you deciding to work there in the first place, and reasons why you love your job and your colleagues. You are privileged to be working in an organization that cares and keeps its employees safe and secure.


4. Get a little nostalgic

You probably haven’t sat down to read (and like really READ) your CV in the last year, have you? Where you’ve been, your career and where you’ve been with it, says a lot about you, and there’s nothing that can rekindle the love relationship with your job quite like a trip down memory lane to help you recap on your career goals. Take some time just to think about how blessed you are to have had the experiences printed on that CV. You’re amazing, and you’ve done a spectacular job so far!


And that’s it: four great ways to help you fall back in love with your job. At the end of the day, our jobs are some of the only constants in our lives, which is why we need to remind ourselves of why we’re doing what we’re doing, and we need to be looking at ways to put the fun back into functioning!