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Harnessing the power of soft skills

Did you know that soft skills (not just university degrees) are one of the best aids you have at your disposal for someday landing your dream job? While there are numerous ways in which you can start paving the way to success – such as more qualifications to your name – one of the most promising and direct ways to achieving your goals is through soft skills.


According to a 2015 Backing Soft Skills report, 97% of employers in the UK believed that soft skills were important to their business success, and over 50% of them said that teamwork and communication were more important than traditional academic qualifications.


This means that things such as how you articulate your ideas, how you interact with your boss, and even how well you respond to failure (all known as soft skills), might all help set you apart from the crowd. But what are these soft skills, and how can they help you land your dream job? Here’s a summary:

Soft Skill #1 – Adaptability

The Flux Report by Right Management reported that 91% of HR managers thought that by 2018, people would be recruited based on how well they were able to change in the face of uncertainties.


When you can cope with change in the industry and adapt to a more dynamic workplace, you possess one of the most sought-after soft skills out there. Interns that are adjustable are much more likely to excel in their daily tasks. Your natural adaptability will serve you well in roles within the Media, Events, Journalism, and even PR industries.

Soft Skill #2 – Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Employers love hiring talent that showcases problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Interns are tasked with making reasonable judgements and finding solutions on their own as part of their daily routine. If you have great problem-solving skills, you’ll have an advantage over your competitors because you’ll have a positive attitude when faced with a problem, along with a willingness to take responsibility when you feel like you have a solution to the problem.

Soft Skill #3 – Collaboration

Yes, you might get hired as an individual, but you’ll be expected to have the ability to work together with a team of people and be a great team sport. Because you form part of a larger organisation, you’ll be expected to show skills of collaboration. Before you can start climbing the leadership ladder, you’ll need to understand the dynamics of a team and learn how to be a great team player.

Soft Skill #4 – Communication

If you’re a good listener (as much as you’re a great speaker), you’ve got a sought-after soft skill which could help you land your dream job. Greta communicators don’t just deliver messages; they also build strong connections by really listening to the message and considering how it might impact others. If you’ve got great listening skills and are a great communicator, you might do well in roles such as Social Media Marketing and Account Management.

Soft Skill #5 – Self-Motivation

Persistence and passion speak the loudest within the workplace, and in all honesty, no HR manager wants to employ someone who has to continuously be told what to do. Employee resilience is one of the key aspects of hiring managers looking to hire new talent. If you’re self-motivated and have an intrinsic drive to reach the goals you set for yourself, to go beyond the call of duty, and to persevere even in the light of setbacks, you might just be holding on to some seriously attractive golden nuggets in the business world. With this soft skill, you’d do great in a role such as Social Media Assistant, Personal Assistant, Fashion Intern, or even an Account Management Intern.


Regardless of what industry you’re in, you need soft skills to thrive in the workplace and to eventually make it to the top of the business ladder. These days, it’s not just about what you know any more, but also about how you put it all into practice that really matters.