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The most and least stressful jobs in 2018

So you think you have a super stressful job, but how does it measure up to the other industries and roles out there? In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most and least stressful jobs of 2018.


How stressful is your job really?

Think about your job. Are you put at risk on a daily basis where your health or well-being could be affected? How physically demanding is your job? Are there any hazards present in your workspace on a daily basis? If you didn’t answer any of these questions with a “yes”, then perhaps you’re not really clear on what actual job stress looks like.

Among the most stressful jobs of 2018, firefighters, pilots, and police officers take the hardest knocks on the job. Military personnel are also placed under heaps of stress on a daily basis.


What are the most stressful jobs of 2018?

Based on scrutiny, deadline demands, physical risks and demands, environmental conditions, workplace hazards, and public interactions, here are the most stressful jobs of 2018.

  1. Military personnel. For obvious reasons, this is one of the world’s most stressful jobs. Perhaps it’s not entirely true for the South African job market. But if you are enlisted in a country such as the USA’s military, you might just be hard-wired for stress.


  1. Firefighters. Again, this might not be super true as far as the South African job market is concerned, but it is on a global scale. Purposely running in to fight blazing fires on a daily basis requires a lot of guts. And if this is your job, we can’t help but salute you.


  1. Pilots. These guys (or girls) are responsible for the lives of thousands of people, on a daily basis. They have super strict deadlines and face public scrutiny like it’s nobody’s business. But still, they get dressed and go to work every day, even amidst all the stress.


  1. Police officers. Here’s another one that might be overrated in the SA scene. But still, police officers have very demanding jobs that often come accompanied with high-stress They deal with horrendous crimes on a daily basis and still have to make it home to sit down for dinner with their families at night.


  1. Event coordinators. Yes, planning functions and events sounds like fun, but keeping the pawpaw from hitting the fan can be much more stressful than you know. From the minor to the major things, event planners have to ensure that everything goes according to plan.


  1. PR executives. A job in Public Relations is super stressful and requires making clients look great even when they mess up. It also entails upholding client reputations and managing the public opinions people have of your clients. Try making a bad guy look good in the public. It’s really not as simple as it seems.


  1. Senior corporate executives. This is where Spiderman’s slogan comes in. With great power comes great responsibility. Also a LOT of stress and sleepless nights.


  1. Broadcasters. Have you ever laughed at a mumbling radio broadcaster? Keep in mind that these guys only have ONE shot at getting it right. Live television and radio is a BIG deal, and the audience has high expectations, which can only equate to a lot of stress on the job.


  1. News reporters. These folks face the same stress as broadcasters. Except for the fact that they also have to deal with extremely tight deadlines and the idea of always reporting true and accurate news, regardless of how tough the subject may be.


  1. Taxi drivers. In South Africa, taxi drivers don’t have that much stress. Well, not when compared with a New York taxi driver in any way. Still, these guys have to make a living. They deal with rude and obnoxious clientele on a daily basis and have to get their passengers to a certain destination within a limited time frame.


What are some of the least stressful jobs of 2018?

If you’re not okay with managing your stress levels on a daily basis, a low-stress job is definitely a better option for you. These jobs are out of the public eye and don’t involve a lot (or any) hazards in the workplace. Here are some of the least stressful jobs of 2018:

  1. Diagnostic medical sonographer
  2. Hairstylist
  3. Audiologist
  4. University professor
  5. Medical records technician
  6. Compliance officer
  7. Jeweller
  8. Pharmacy technician
  9. Operations research analyst
  10. Medical laboratory technician