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Who brings home what in the SA property sector?

From selling property to developing it, there are so many opportunities within the South African property sector. But how much can you earn here, and what are the highest paying jobs? Adzuna takes a look at what to expect!


Average salaries of jobs in the property sector

Property Manager

Property managers are responsible for keeping an eye on current tenants of building and also have to attract new tenants should vacancies arise. As part of their daily tasks, these professionals negotiate leases and set up new leases as well. Great property managers know the ins-and-outs of building regulations and they’re also clued up on lease legal issues. If you’re employed in this complex position, you can expect to earn up to R436,898 per year.


Property Developer

Although the jobs seems like it entails nothing more than buying land and putting a building up on that site, property developers actually do much more than just that. These guys also have to put real estate deals in place and work closely with other contractors in order to turn barren land into something that others can call home. If you’re keen on a job as a developer, you can take home in upwards of R477,520 per year.


Marketing Manager

After the developer has done his job, it’s time for the marketing manager to step in and ensure everyone makes a healthy profit out of the deal. Tasked with advertising new developments, property marketing managers have to ensure that potential byers convert to actual buyers or tenants. The field is crowded, but if you’ve got the right set of skills, a lot of creativity, and the ability to read the market like a pro, you can bag around R346,590 per year.


Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents make the bulk of their money in the commissions they earn from a sale. Which is why an average salary R172,000 of isn’t a true indication of this job’s earning potential. If you’ve got great marketing skills, are determined and not afraid to work around the clock, you could be living your dream life with this job, instead of just selling the idea to others.



Builders are some of the most important people in the property sector. The quality of a builder’s work can mean the difference between low-cost housing and five-star buildings. The best builders are able to stick to tight schedules, and they build profits for others through their time management and workmanship skills. With an average salary of R360,279 this job pays well for all the effort required.