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Job perks we’d all love to have

When considering a new job, it’s always important to review the basics like location, salary, and of course, company culture. At the end of the day, it’s employee benefits that can really mean the difference between a mind-blowing and mediocre career. After sifting through 140,000 job listings, Adzuna found that some jobs just have way cooler perks than others. Read on to find out what those “add-ons” are!


Best job perks ever

Six months of maternity leave

MTN is renowned for its amazing maternity benefits for new moms. The telecoms company offers all of their female employees up to six months of paid maternity leave to enjoy and settle into a new way of life with their little humans.


Free telecoms devices and rugby games

Cell C is another telecoms company in SA that really takes brilliant care of its employees. From meal vouchers to free devices and rugby games, the guys over at Cell C pull out all the stops for their teams.


Concierge services

MultiChoice has a unique staff rewards program called MLife. With MLife, Multichoice employees can enjoy a variety of great rewards like travel bookings, car hire, discounts at over a thousand restaurants, a driver service, insurance, and an abundance of vouchers ranging from day spas to gym memberships. To crown it all, employees have access to a 24/7 personal assistant that help make the lives of these hardworking people just a little less rushed.


Open bar

Afrihost already gives its employees free breakfast, lunch and dinner, but on a Friday afternoon, the hard-working teams have access to the ISP’s open bar. After taking some well-deserved time off, the guys and girls at Afrihost also have access to life coaches, free laundry services, a spa centre, and entertainment centre and an in-house gym with personal trainers!


Free internet and lots of relaxation

If you work for the ISP Axess, you’ll not only enjoy free uncapped internet services, but you can also use the on-site gym and free laundry services. Sit back, relax and enjoy a free breakfast or lunch while someone else deals with your laundry. After your meal, enjoy a free ice, cold beer every Friday after work!


Concierge services

Employees from MWEB have access to a concierge service where someone takes care of their laundry, errands, collecting of their online shopping and queuing for them when they just don’t have the time. If you live and work for the company’s Cape Town office, you’ll also have access to the ISP’s “M-Cave”, a gaming venue with all the latest tech and game tools.


Looking for a job with perks as cool as these? Why not start browsing Adzuna’s listings right now. With over 140,000 options, you might just be a click away from finding your dream job!