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Jobs for teens in South Africa

Teenagers are a breed in their own right. But aside from their obvious rebellion, teens also enter the ear in their lives where they’re ready to take on major responsibilities and start gaining some financial independence. And although it might sound kind of boring to start working when you’re “just a teen” there are so many great reasons to start earning your own cash. Aside from just saving for what you really want, you’ll also start building valuable skills and expertise, which essentially sets you up for a successful career later on in life.


Here in SA, we have quite a lot of easy-to-land jobs for teens that can help develop skills while never being too boring. Here’s what your options are as a job-hunting teen in SA.


Best jobs for teenagers

Animal shelter

If you’ve got a knack for dealing with animals, then a job at an animal shelter can be one of your best part-time opportunities. Animal shelters are always in need of cleaners, plus if you’ve got your eye on a career in veterinary services, this is the ideal place to start gaining some hands-on experience. Keep in mind that it can be a sad and dirty job at the worst of times, but the rewards far outweigh the negatives of this job.


Dog Walker

Again, if you love animals, this is something you can do in your spare time to start earning your own cash. If you’re keen on the idea, you’ll need to be reliable and trustworthy, and you can start by offering your services to your neighbourhood before advertising on a community board or Facebook group.



This is a great job for South African teenagers because it’s a super flexible part-time job and something that’s almost always in demand. While some folks pay per hour, most of them pay a daily fee, and it’s always in cold hard cash. Obviously you’ll mainly be working on Friday and Saturday evenings. To ensure you earn a better pay rate, do yourself a favour and get certified in first-aid because most people don’t want to leave their kids with someone who doesn’t know how to handle an emergency situation.


Swimming instructor

If you’re good at swimming, this can be a cool way to earn some extra cash. Of course you can only land a job like this if you have training in CPR and basic first aid. You might just have t save someone’s life one day, so it’s super important that you know how to do it!


There are loads of jobs for teens in SA, and all you need to land one is a little initiate and a willingness to learn and work. Yes the pay might not be amazing for all these jobs, but they are surefire ways to get your feet in the door for the future of your career in a few years. Not sure where to start looking? Head over to Adzuna right now. Your opportunity might be just a few clicks away!