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Sales jobs with the highest commission structures

When considering commission structures for sales jobs, it can vary depending on the demand for the product or service as well as the talent and experience an employee has. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the different types of sales commissions and uncovering some of the highest paying jobs (commission-based of course) in SA.


Commission isn’t the same across the board

Generally speaking, there are three different types of commission you can look to earn with sales jobs. The first is salary plus bonus, which is where you’ll earn a commission when your monthly, weekly, or quarterly terms have been met. The second type is a base plus commission, where you earn commission for every completed task. The third type is commission only, where you don’t earn a base salary but rather just earn a percentage of each sale you make.


Highest paying jobs in sales

Here’s a quick look at three of the top sales sectors in SA where your base salary and additional commissions can easily see you paving your way to financial freedom.


1. Financial Advisor

If you’re keen on helping your clients invest their money sensibly, you’ll be tasked with keeping track of financial trends, services and investment vehicles to ensure the best returns are made for your clients. You’ll also get to choose between working for an organisation or forming your own small business. Beginner salaries start at R245,751 per year with the ability to earn up to R854,387 in commission. Obviously you’ll benefit from having inside market knowledge, and experience in investments can increase your commission tenfold. A great plus for these jobs is that there’s always a demand for these roles, which is something that’s always welcome.


2. Medical Rep

Sales agents working as medical reps earn their healthy pound of bacon by selling medical devices and equipment from certain companies to surgeons and doctors. With jobs like these, you can expect to get an offer that includes a basic annual salary. Commission opportunities for medical sales reps range anywhere from R330,000 and upwards and have an uncapped earning potential. To get into the game, you’ll need to be able to prove that you have experience in the industry and that you’re motivated and driven. Keen on learning more? Take a look at Adzuna’s medical rep vacancies here.


3. Technical Sales

The technical sales arena is a very lucrative sector, and since we’re living in an increasingly digital world, it just makes sense to plan a career that’s bound to thrive after the third industrial revolution and the rise of AI. Most tech companies need help selling their software, apps, and programs to organisations out there. When you consider an organisation like Mustek, who focus on selling from strategic areas like cloud, mobility, and data analytics, the opportunities to earn big bucks here are virtually endless. You can expect to pocket commission in upward of R383,930 as an “average” sales rep. Obviously these figures are way higher for candidates with lots of experience and some formal education as their backing.