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Doctors aren’t earning it all anymore: Here are the top-paying medical jobs

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If you’ve always dreamed of acquiring the prestige (and salary) of a medical career but never had a way to achieve it, you can still get there without years and years of studying. Depending on the area and whether or not the job is specialised, salaries for roles within the healthcare industry vary. Basic earnings start from R300,000 per year and can easily go up to R800,000 per year for jobs that require specific educational requirements, training, or technical skills.


Here at Adzuna, we’ve looked at some of the most lucrative roles within the health sector that don’t involve specialised training. Of course, we do understand that specialists and high-flying surgeons earn much more than the roles we looked at, we wanted to uncover some of the lesser heard-about roles. Here are some of the best-paying, lower-ranking jobs in South Africa’s healthcare sector.


Medical professions with high-paying salaries

1. Occupational Therapists

This job sees therapists helping patients with ailments such as long-term stress, developmental issues and even those that have to undergo rehabilitating therapy after major accidents. The average salary for an occupational therapist is R380,000 per year.


2. Nurses

Every hospital needs a backbone, which is exactly where trained and qualifies nurses come in. Nurses spend more time with patients than any other medical professional, although they do tend to earn the lowest average salaries. When you consider overtime, the average salary of R311,353 per year could easily become a lot more.


3. Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists, also known as physical therapists, help restore mobility and reduce pain for their patients that have been involved in accidents or those who have long-standing injuries or illnesses. Salaries for physiotherapists are around R365,625 per year, but this can increase dramatically for therapists that specialise in certain areas and those that are highly qualified.


4. Biomedical Scientist

Working within an array of hospital departments, biomedical scientists do lab tests on tissue and fluid samples to help diagnose and treat diseases. They are essentially the people that figure out what’s cooking when you hand in some samples at labs like Ampath or Lancet. Salaries start at around R322,666 per year, but senior scientists can earn up to R886,560 per year.


5. Diagnostic Radiographer

Diagnostic radiographers use imaging tech like X-ray and ultrasound machines to examine and diagnose patients. To qualify as a diagnostic radiographer, you’ll need a BSc degree, but this also places you in the race to earn a basic salary of R420,000 per year. Add a couple of years and experience to the mix, and you could be earning up to R987,025 per year as a diagnostic radiographer working at consultant level.