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Graphic Designer: Everything you need to know

Working as a graphic designer will see you working within industries such as advertising and design. You’ll be a key player that will help create posters, flyers, adverts, brochures, signage and of course, websites. In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at your typical tasks as well as the remuneration you can expect from this role.


Who is the right fit for a role in graphic design?

Graphic designers are pure creatives with a flair for making memorable images and design layouts that convey messages and captivate audiences. If you’ve got what it takes to provide a creative visual answer to a client’s needs (with the help of a catching poster, logo or website), you might just be the right fit for this role!


Details on working as a graphic designer

A lot of graphic designers are known as their department’s “creative”. These professionals work in fast-paced, idea-led environments where constructive criticism is all part of the game. Working as a graphic designer will probably see you doing a lot of revisions based on client needs that are constantly changing, which means you’ll have to be persistent in what you do. This is the kind of job that requires you to express yourself and develop your own style so that you can see your results out in the real world.


Skills required to become a graphic designer

Graphic designers often have a natural talent for drawing and designing, but these guys actually have formal qualifications too. Courses like a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design or Product Design, a Diploma in Illustration, Interactive Media Design, Interior & Spatial Design or Photography can help you get your foot into the door of this industry.


You can also kick off your career if you have a foundation course qualification in Art, Design, or Media related to sketching drawing, painting, fashion design or illustration. On top of your qualifications, you’ll also need to demonstrate your proficiency in graphic design software programs like Adobe, Photoshop, and Illustrator.


Job opportunities for graphic designers

The job market for graphic designers is abundant in opportunities, but so is the supply of talent out there. This industry is also well known for freelancing and contract work since most designers don’t want to be tied down to one company or agency.


If you choose to work for an agency, you’ll be employed within an agency to do the projects their clients need. This might see you working for a variety of brand names with different requirements, which builds your experience and provides you with a range of new challenges. Benefits of working for an agency include more stable working hours and a more secure job, but with a set monthly income.


Speaking of income, the salaries for these positions range between R120,200 (junior designer) and R338,571 (senior designer) per year. Add a few years of experience and take on the role of Creative Director and you could easily be looking at a pay range of R400,000 per year.