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Want to become an advertising creative? Here’s the scoop on the role

From shoes to holidays and new ways of thinking, regardless of whether it’s on the TV or the web, or even the side of a bus, advertisements are all around us. Perhaps they are the most ubiquitous form of art ever.


But here’s the thing: even though they’re part of our daily lives, we seldom stop to think about who creates those ads. These people, also known as the creatives, are some of the best creators in the business. And in this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at what it is these professionals do!


The job of an advertising creative

When mentioning the word “creative”, it refers to a bunch of different job descriptions, all of which are intertwined in an advertising agency’s creative department. As an advertising creative, you have one goal in mind: to create effective and memorable ad campaigns.


Copywriters are responsible for the production of text for the campaigns. These folks write the slogans, scripts for ads, and of course the detailed text for print or web ads. Copywriting, in itself is no easy task; you have to capture the audience’s attention and communicate the most important features of the product ASAP.


After the copywriter has produced the wording for the ads, the art directors are in charge of the visual aspects of the campaign. The art director sets up a plan for the ad campaign’s appearance, which includes everything from concepts to image details. These guys often work with freelance photographers, graphic designers and staff artists.


What you need to get in

More often than not, an advertising creative has a strong educational background within his or her field of choice. These qualifications might include graphic design, illustration or fine art for art directors and something along the lines of a degree or formal qualification in Journalism or English for the copywriters.


But you can’t get in with just a handful of technical skills though. Working in an agency’s creative department means collaborating with the business and its clients, getting your job done within tight deadlines, and the ability to turn an unsurprising brief into something captivating.


The perks

If you’re a writer or artists within a creative team, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects. Some will be video ads; others will be print. Some are text-based, and some are just downright strange.


But although the deadlines can be tight in this environment, but since it’s a fast-paced world, you’ll start working on new projects before the old ones get boring. Plus when you’ve done your job, you’ll get to see it all around you.


The other big benefit of working in this industry is the remuneration. If you’re good at doing what you do best, it pays very well. Copywriters with good track records earn more than the average writer in almost any other industry.


The not-so-awesome parts

Of course, artists and writers want and need some recognition, and the same rule applies to an advertising creative. Sadly, this isn’t an industry that’s going to make you famous or even well-known. Your ad campaign might go viral, and even though it might have been your idea and your “baby”, you won’t get the praise you actually deserve.