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Jobs that will exist in the future (even though they aren’t around now)

One of the best ways of preparing for the labour market of the future is by keeping up with the changing times and upskilling yourself to stay relevant in the digital age we’re currently moving in to. Although the job titles we mention here today aren’t in existence yet, technology is taking us there at the speed of light!


Strap in and take a look at which careers (and skills) will be in demand in the future!


Most exciting jobs of the future

1. Drone Pilot

Drones are already here, but now, big players like Amazon are getting their drones ready to start doing deliveries. Prime Air aims to streamline the sales funnel and deliver your package within 30 minutes of clicking that ‘check out’ button, which eliminates next-day deliveries. But before this pipeline dream becomes a reality, they’ll need to employ people to pilot your groceries to your door. They’ll also need drone managers to train would-be pilots and air-traffic controllers to avoid mid-air collisions.


2. 3D-Printer Operators

The printer guy (or girl) is one of the most sought-after people in the modern office space, but these guys are about to become even more in-demand. These days, printers are producing everything from metal jewellery to the carbon-fibre parts of your car’s engine. This means that there will be a gap in the market for professionals that can do much more than just fix the odd paper jam.


3. HR Reps for Mars

This one might seem way over the top, but it’s actually not. Elon Musk says we need to go to Mars, and everyone seems to be agreeing. SpaceX, Musk’s company, has figured out how to reuse rockets, which is how we’ll eventually get to Mars in a few years. NASA is also in on the race. They’re predicting that a round-trip to Mars will take up to three years, which means they’ll need a banger of an HR team to find people that are physically and psychologically sound to travel to the Red Planet.


4. VR Interior Decorator

We already have augmented reality apps on our smartphones and VR headsets that change the way we see our surroundings, like the Ikea Place app, that allows you to see its furniture pieces in your living room by just using your smartphone. As VR headsets become more discreet, how long will it be before we want to turn our “dreams” into reality? VR decorators will become a thing in the near future, and it’s all thanks to tech advances!


5. End-of-Life Coach

So you already know about the role of a Life Coach, but we’re living longer these days since we have better meds and improved living conditions. Humans are reaching the age of 100 and beyond, which is why there will be a new gap in the market as far as life coaching goes. End-of-Life coaches will help us spend our extra decades in optimal health.