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How to get noticed during job hunts: Practical tips and tricks

Are you keen on learning the secrets of getting noticed with job hunts? The first tip is that you need to get yourself noticed for the right reasons. And that means it has to start from the very moment your name first appears in the inbox of the recruiter.


Job seekers that stand out in their job hunts understand that small details like presentation and punctuality are what sets them apart from the masses. Even things like the font and text size on your CV can work wonders.


When trying to “sell” yourself as a top candidate, it’s important to highlight one or two of your best selling points in order to differentiate yourself.  Here are some other tips that help you fast-forward to the front of the queue:


1. Highlight your leadership skills

Employers love job seekers that have leadership skills, and it’ll help you get noticed in job hunts. Even if you’ve never been employed before, you’ve probably got some leadership experience like managing a sports team.


2. Be ready to show some examples

If you’ve got any proof of your pudding, it’ll help you get noticed. It’s wise to practice talking about those examples so you’ll know when and how to use them in the interview stage. Make sure you have some stats too. If you’re able to recount how you improved sales by 8% or ABC, you’re bound to impress HR.


3. Keep your experience summary short and sweet

You need to place a summary of your experiences at the top of your resume and include some specific applicable experience for the job you’re applying for. You might also want to use some of the words used in the original job ad in order for applicant tracking systems to recognise them and make a match.


4. Update your LinkedIn profile

A lot of recruiters and employers check out potential candidates on social media. The more updated your online presence is, the more chances you’re giving yourself to get noticed by the right employers.


5. Always answer questions directly

Once you’ve been incited to an interview, it’s important to answer all the employer’s questions thoroughly and directly while giving anecdotes about your career history. Always relate your past experiences to the role you’re currently applying for.


6. Ask the right questions

Questions like what prospects are there for personal and professional development go a long way during job hunts, so use them to your advantage. You might also want to consider inquiring about the skills that the most successful people at the originations have.

Now that you’re aware of how to stand out during the interview process, why not start browsing the listings on Adzuna and start applying for the job of your dreams today?