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Careers you actually need tech skills for

Most people know their way around the web these days. Which also means that most of us know how to use standard office software and social media. But in order to stand out in a job search, you need to update your skill set to match the needs of companies, and that means acquiring some much-needed tech skills.


Even if you’re not in IT or work as a developer, virtually every job, company, and industry out there depends on technology, which means you’ll need to have a handle on it for a variety of tasks. Here are some examples of “average” jobs that actually require applicants to be tech-savvy.


1. Writer

Today’s writers don’t produce articles on typewriters anymore, but it’s also a little more complex than just using a word processing program and Google. With the likes of blogs and e-books all but taking over the web, you need a special set of technical skills to be a top-notch writer. If you work as a journalist, blogger, or technical writer, you’ll probably need to be able to navigate your way around a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal in order to get your content published.


2. Customer Service Representative

These days, people don’t run back to a store to return unwanted items or log complaints about service. Modern day customers use email to air their issues, and they voice their concerns on social media. Working as a customer support agent, you’ll need to understand how your company’s web app works and might be tasked with checking account history. Being comfortable with a CMS like WordPress or knowing the basics about programming will keep your customers (and your boss) happy.


3. Designer

All of the trade tools of print are digital these days. This means that you’ll have to be able to show that you’re proficient with software like Photoshop and Illustrator. As a designer, you’ll also be designing for the web more often than not, because that’s where your audience resides. Being able to code your own designs with HTML and CSS and make them interactive with JavaScript or the likes, you’ll be the hottest ticket in the office. Having these skills makes you a one-man (or woman) show for employers looking to hire a designer as well as a developer.


4. Marketer

As a marketer, you won’t just be coming up with ad copy and tasked with managing salespeople anymore. Instead, you’ll be working on global ad campaigns and even taking on tasks like overseeing UX redesign projects and SEO. You’ll be able to create your own marketing emails that’ll reach thousands of audience members if you have the right kind of experience in HTML and CSS. Plus if you understand online analytics, you can keep track of just how well your campaign is doing,


Were you aware that these jobs require coding skills? Perhaps you’re worried that you’re falling behind with the job you have at the moment? But don’t stress! Acquiring tech skills isn’t rocket science, and it’s not as hard as obtaining a degree either.  All it takes is a few weeks of learning, and you’ll be on your way to landing the job of your dreams by staying relevant amidst this new digital age we’re moving in to!