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Jobs that pay well and have great growth potential

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that a job could lead to your personal and financial success before you even submit your CV? After reading LinkedIn’s “Most Promising Jobs of 2019” list, we analysed job listings over at Adzuna and compiled our own list of the most promising jobs.

The jobs in this list all offer promising base salaries, have loads of potential to move up and around in your field, and are in full supply. Here are some jobs that might just be your ideal fit:


1. Sales Engineer

Average salary: R441,425 per year

Jobs on offer: 259

Working as a sales engineer allows you to bridge departments. Sales engineers drive and manage the tech evaluation stage of the sales process and work closely with the sales team as the key technical advisor and product advocate.


2. Financial Analyst

Average salary: R613,057 per year

Jobs on offer: 251

In LinkedIn’s list scores the advancement opportunities for a financial analyst at 8/10, which is a pretty big promise, although it’s not unrealistic. Some companies allow their financial analysts to jump right into the position at any one of their global offices with no previous experience. And after that, opportunities are endless. If you’re comfortable with change, have good time management skills, and you’re willing to continue learning, the sky really is the limit with this role.


3. Technical Program Manager

Average salary: R530,750per year

Jobs on offer: 181

Technical program managers, are as you could have guessed, the men and women that come with a wealth of experience in engineering, program management, and software. But the actual job is more suitable for strong leaders that can prioritise, communicate well, and who understand how to drive focus and excellence within teams.


4. Data Engineer

Average salary: R735,983 per year

Jobs on offer: 206

If you thrive on solving problems at scale, you’re able to design impeccable data models and can make a lasting difference through data, then a gig as a data engineer might be your perfect fit. It’s also a pretty common role, which means there are loads of options to choose from in the field.


5. Business Analyst

Average salary: R561,944 per year

Jobs on offer: 1,095

The role of a business analyst is perfect for someone who has majored in computer science, math, engineering, statistics and any other quantitative field. Entry level business analysts are tasked with identifying actionable analytically driven insights to help improve business performance. Of course, this means you’ll need a serious love for numbers if you’re going to be the master of this game.