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These bad habits might be delaying your promotion

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Here at Adzuna, we’ve found that there isn’t always an easy way to navigate a path towards promotion. In fact, getting promoted takes a lot of time and commitment. On top of that, you might also have some terrible habits that are actively delaying your promotion or any opportunities for career enhancement.

According to a recent study on Gen Z workers, young employees want to get promoted within their first year. A lot of them think promotion should come as early as six months into a new job. Although it takes time and effort to get promoted, here’s a look at some of the habits that could be holding you back.


Factors that could be delaying your promotion

Blaming others

Refusing to take personal responsibility is the leading problem when it comes to not getting promoted. It becomes an emotional crutch since it’s just that much easier to blame others for your own faults.


You never ask

If you’re not talking to your boss enough it might be delaying your promotion. Around 80-90% of unhappy employees don’t discuss their issues with their seniors, which is a major problem. The most practical solution here is to set up regular meetings with your boss and get into a space where you’re both comfortable with each other. Ask your boss which improvements he or she thinks you should be doing, asking them to guide you with steps towards getting promoted.


The company culture is a blurry topic for you

Simple things, like the wrong office wear, are cultural missteps that can limit your chances of ever landing that promotion. If you want to move up the corporate ladder, you really need to align with the company’s culture.


Your wants and the company’s wants are not one and the same

Often times, employees don’t get promoted because their interests just don’t align with that of the company. If you’re more of a creative thinker but you’re stuck in a dead-end administrative job, it might be time to start looking elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with changing your career path, in fact, it’s the most rational decision if you want a more fulfilling career.  Sometimes, the best way to move up the ladder is to move to another ladder (company). If a career change is something you’re considering, why not start here, browsing more than 140,000 online job listings.


You’re just not qualified enough

Look around your office. Do most of the senior employees hold degrees or know coding language and you’re about the only one who doesn’t? The reality is that a lack of skills and education might be delaying your promotion. Although it does vary by industry and title, holding a degree or diploma could lead to more career advancement options.