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You don’t need a degree to bring home half a mil…

A lot of successful business men and women are living proof that you don’t need a degree to make a lot of money. Even though a degree is usually a prerequisite for earning a high salary, it’s not true across the board. In fields like sales, you can earn up to a million per year, but if you hold a degree, you’re probably earning 330% more than those who don’t have a tertiary education.While graduates do tend to earn much more than their peers, employees without degrees can still earn a lot IF they land the right kind of job.

According to Statistics South Africa, South Africans with a bachelor’s degree earn 330% more than those without a degree. The average salary for employees with grade 12 is R59,724 versus R160,536 for those that hold diplomas and R258,324 for those with degrees. Adzuna did it’s own analysis on jobs currently on offer in SA and found that not all of them require degrees to pay out attractive salaries.

Here’s a quick look at which jobs pay the most, even if you don’t have tertiary qualifications.


Jobs you don’t need a degree for

Human Resources – R487,348 per year

In this sector, the experience is typically more valuable than education. You need to have a basic understanding of your function in the HR department and now all about the organisation’s structure, products and services.


Recruitment – R501,328 per year

If you’re professionally savvy, you might just have what it takes to thrive in the role of a recruitment consultant. Most recruitment agencies attract talent who has excellent intrapersonal and communication skills. Obviously, you also need to be driven to achieve your career goals.


Technology – R603,879 per year

You don’t necessarily need a degree to develop software, but you will need a strong technical foundation in the form of a diploma, industry certification, or in-job training. Like HR, the tech industry also focuses more on experience than formal education.


B2C Sales – R721,533 per year

Landing an entry-level job in the business-to-consumer sales arena doesn’t necessarily require you to have a degree. If you’ve attended in-house training, seminars or have a coach or mentor with a good track record, you might just be able to land your dream job in sales. Your demonstrated interest in sales coupled with the right attitude and work ethic can definitely help set you up for success.


Digital Marketing – R409,876 per year

Most candidates for digital marketing jobs complete online courses within their field. Some of them take courses on SEO and Google AdWords to help boost their skills and capabilities, which also helps them earn almost half a million each year.