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Which jobs in sales pay the best commission?

If you’re looking for a sales job that pays the best kind of bacon (a.k.a commission), the sky is literally the limit. From yachts to property, virtually anything can be sold on a commission structure as long as there’s a demand for it and you’ve got the skills and experience to close the deal.


Here’s a quick look at the sales sectors where your basic salary and additional commissions could see you smiling all the way to the bank!


Financial Advice

Financial advice salespeople help their clients invest their money sensibly, and if you can on-board some high-earning individuals, it could be your lucky day. If you’re employed in this role, you’ll be expected to keep on top of financial trends, services and investments to ensure the best returns for your clients. The average salary for a financial advisor job is R397,988 per year, but with added commissions, that figure could be doubled. If you’ve got inside market knowledge and experience in investments, your commission can easily increase tenfold.


Medical Device Sales

Medical reps earn big bucks and they make their money by selling equipment and machines from certain companies to surgeons and doctors. With medical rep jobs, you can expect a basic salary with commissions per sale you close with uncapped earning potential. On average, medical reps make around R295,000 per year, but that’s only in basic pay and not added commissions.


Digital Media Sales

More and more consumers are choosing digital media over traditional print, so if you sell a product that’s high in demand, you can expect big cashouts. If you’re a sales agent for digital media, it might see you selling online marketing services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The uncapped earning potential here is huge and because these jobs generally come with basic pay, it just makes the positions that much more desirable.


Tech Sales

Tech is a very lucrative sector and a lot of wealthy companies need a little help with selling their software, apps and programmes to the global market. Companies like IBM, who focus on cloud and data analytics, and Symantec that zooms in on electronic crime prevention, pay top salaries and commissions for their reps.


Packaged Goods

The field of consumer packaged goods is one that’s growing rapidly. The job involves strategically placing products on a national (or global) level, using a variety of network connections within the consumer industry. You’ll start off as a brand manager if you take up this gig, but you can still expect to take home around R400,000 per year even if you aren’t earning as much commission as possible.