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Here’s why you really need a mentor at work

Whether it was Drake for Lil Wayne, Maya Angelou for Oprah Winfrey or Steve Jobs for Mark Zuckerberg, even the most famous and successful people out there had a mentor at one stage of their lives or another. If you don’t have a mentor yet, it’s time to jump into action.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the great reasons why you NEED a mentor at work:


Mentors give advice

Unlike your parents or your partner, a mentor is an unbiased third party which can provide you with advice if and when needed. They probably have years of experience in the field and may recognize potential in you that you might not have seen in yourself.


And they can be your personal advocate

Your mentor will have your back. They can protect you from missteps and come up for you when you have made a mistake. When you succeed, a mentor can also claim bragging rights for your achievements, pleading your case to all the right people.


They’ve got oodles of knowledge

Mentors can help introduce you to the field, helping you discover opportunities or methods you can use to advance your career.


Actually, a mentor is a glorified cheerleader

Your mentor can become your personal cheerleader, watching you from the sideline. They will praise you when you have achieved your goals and then motivate you to achieve even more.


Mentors will always push you to succeed

Your mentor will help you acquire new skills, long before you’ll actually need them. They will prep you for the future of your position by pushing you in all the right ways. Before you know it, your mentor will have prepared you for your next significant role.


And they can help you find your true passion

Mentors can pick us up when we’re feeling down and out, and they can help put the spark of fire back to us when we need it most. They can remind us about our passions and how we should be passionate about the brand we’re representing.


Mentors understand what it takes to make it…for real

Your mentor has been through what you’re experiencing right now, heck; he’s wearing the shirt! Mentors have the kind of experience that can’t be found in a textbook, and they can be a valuable source of inside info for your career path.


They can help you network more effectively

Because a mentor has had more experience in the field and more opportunities to build their useful networks, they can really help open up the right doors for you.


Having a mentor at work can be your key to success at the office. By calling on a mentor, you’ll be much more likely to achieve success, and when you browse our vacancies, you might just find the opportunity of a lifetime which can be aced with the help of a great mentor!