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Everything you need to know about probationary employment

With the onset of the New Year, a lot of has-been job seekers are starting out at their new jobs. They’ve been hired, and they’re ready to start the brand new chapters of their lives. But here’s the catch: They’ve signed employment contracts which have three-month probationary periods.Are they able to call themselves employees or not? Can they be fired before their probation period ends? Is the probationary employment merely a quick and easy way to hire and fire employees as they please? Let’s simplify the concept of probationary employment to make things easier for you:


What is probationary employment?

Depending on the circumstances of your job, your company may set a probationary employment period of anywhere between two weeks and three months. This contract may a written or a verbal contract which is set up to help the employer determine the employee’s worth and fit for the role. During your probationary employment period, your employer will evaluate your performance to try and determine whether or not you’re the most suitable candidate for the position.


Can an employer dismiss an employee under probation?

Keep in mind that an employer may not fire you while you are on probation unless the proper disciplinary procedures have been adhered to. If and when an employer is unhappy with an employee’s performance while he or she is still under probation, the problem has to be addressed through counselling and the employee has to be given an opportunity to defend his or her case before dismissal may be executed.


Should probationary employees bet as normal employees?

If you are appointed on a probationary contract, you have the right to be treated like a normal employee within the organization. All disciplinary procedures and office protocols still apply to employees under probation, and you are still entitled to take your annual and sick leave under this contract.


As you can see, probationary employment doesn’t necessarily mean that you are just half an employee, in fact, you still have all the rights as normal employees within an organization while completing your probation period. Probationary employment contracts were designed to help employers set a legal, specific time frame in which they can assess new talent’s abilities, skills, and fit for their company. When the end of your probation period arrives, it doesn’t mean that only then will you become a fully-fledged employee; you’ve always been one, just an employee with a few more eyes and ears zones in on him.