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How to up your computer skills even if you’re 40+

Computer Skills

Google seems like a word cemented into the modern vocabulary, but not everyone is as savvy with tech terms (or usage of the actual tech) as Bill Gates, the guy that founded Google. The truth is that older employees, in particular, might feel left behind by their lack of computer skills.

In almost all sectors and industries, computer literacy as an absolute must-have for office staff all the from receptionists to top executives. While most of the workforce has embraced the computer revolution, some haven’t acquired these skills yet.

But the good news is that computer skills are easier to pick up than you think. Computers are also more user-friendly these days and training is widely available. Also, you don’t need to become a computer pro in order to thrive in the modern office environment.


How to improve your computer skills

Get over you fear

The first point of action should be to get rid of the fear factor. Your attitude toward acquiring skills can easily become a stumbling block. Keep in mind that keeping your skills updated and relevant is your OWN responsibility. Nobody is going to pave the way for you. If you want to make it in the modern workforce, you’ll have to ensure you’re staying as proactive as possible.


Understand the basic skills you’ll need

If you want to work on your computer skills, you should focus on basic computer skills like navigating file systems and menus. You also want to get comfortable with Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Essential internet skills like web browsing, searching, and email will also do you a world of good.


Get started on the right foot

One of the best ways to get started is by sitting down with a friend or family member and using their computer to test which skills you have and which ones you need to work on. You can also make use of community colleges or learning centres if you’re battling with gaining access to a computer. Once you begin to learn, the key to success lies in continued practise.


Let the world know about your new skills

You really have to think about obtaining experience and work samples. You can start volunteering at your church or community organisation. Do some data capturing or help with their monthly newsletter. This will help boost your confidence and give you that experience to showcase on your resume.


Improving your computer skills won’t necessarily see you changing jobs to something like a programmer, but it can greatly benefit your career by proving that you’re resilient and adaptable.