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Don’t have a career in technology yet? This is why you might want to consider it

Have you ever considered a career in technology? If you haven’t, perhaps it’s time to start contemplating where IR4 is heading, how it might affect your job, and how you can future-proof your income.

South Africa is a leader among African countries as far as technological advancements are considered. Our tech sector is crammed full of innovations and advancements even though our digital economy is still considered to be in its infancy stage.

South Africa’s tech sector is a great starting point for those just entering the workforce, and it’s also an attractive option for those considering a career change. Here at Adzuna, we’re a little obsessed with all things tech, so we thought we’d give you a few reasons why you should consider a career in technology.

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A career in technology might be your perfect fit because…

The industry is known for its generous salaries

Tech jobs on Adzuna have an average annual salary of R568,731, which compared to the national average of R290,000, is pretty darn impressive. Gauteng is currently the best-paid province for a career in technology with an average salary of R599,459 with Johannesburg offering an even higher average annual pay of R602,655.


Watch this space because it isn’t set to do anything BUT grow

Back in 1995, SA implemented the South African Information Technology Industry Strategy (SAITIS), and since then, the tech sector has really boomed. The number of jobs created, and the amount of companies founded since then has been nothing but impressive. We’ve currently got more than 11,000 active tech jobs listed on Adzuna, with more than 4,200 of them listed within the Gauteng province.

The world’s big tech players are getting their fingers into the South African pie

A lot of international tech companies have their African bases set up in South Africa. Oracle and Microsoft are just two of the heavyweights that have invested in SA. With great training and mentoring offered at big companies like these, it’s the ideal way to start or expand your industry experience.


Start-ups make it easy to get one foot in the door

If you’re not keen on working for a big technology company, start-ups are the ideal place to enter the scene (or even perhaps settle down for good). Cape Town is currently the start-up hub of SA and offers a plethora of opportunities for talented techies to join the workforce.


You’ll never have a boring 9-5 job

A career in technology will generally mean that you’re in control of creating your own role and job description. If you’ve got the savvy to turn your role into something you really love, you’ll never dread the idea of heading into the office.