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Big Data job opportunities you can pursue if you have the right skills

Covid-19 ,ight change the world of working for good

People tend to talk about Big Data jobs and data science like they’re catch-all phrases that require a monolithic skill-set. But they’re not. The truth is that jobs in the field of data cover a broad spectrum, and the skills required for one kind of data job might not be suitable for the next.

Wondering where you fit in the data universe? Here’s a look at what different Big Data jobs look like and which skills you’ll need to land your dream data job.


Product Manager

Product managers work with end-users to come up with data-led plans that’ll add value to the business. They work hard to create products that customers love. If you are considering a career in product management, you’ll need to have in-depth knowledge about the business you’re working for.

Average salary: R466,622 per year


Data Scientist

Data scientists find a process and analyse data so they can extract meaningful results and predict future events. If you work as a data scientist, you’ll need to come up with innovative ways of collecting data. You’ll also need to be able to interpret whatever you’ve collected.

Average salary: R625,10 per year


Data Engineer

Data engineering is quite hot on the Big Data jobs scene. These professionals do much more “wrangling” than engineering. They essentially prep the data for use and have smart ways of presenting and analysing data. Keen on becoming a data engineer? You’ll need to be familiar with SQL and database programs and know how to write algorithms that can parse data.

Average salary: R628,398 per year


Database Developer

Database developers are the guys (or girls) that are at the forefront of data storage and retrieval. These professionals have excellent knowledge of SQL systems like Kubernetes.

Average salary: R553,723 per year


Machine Learning Researcher

ML is a big topic in the digital decade, and machine learning researchers are almost classes into a category of their own. The main purpose of these professionals is automating the use of data to accurately predict future events.

Average salary: R670,893 per year


Business Intelligence Analyst

Working as a BI Analyst might see you working with end-users to analyse historic data for uncovering business performance metrics. This job revolves less around predictions and more about analysis about what the past says about the present.

Average salary: R674,719 per year


Quantitative Researcher

Working as a quantitative researcher means working hard to investigate data (through visualizations and hypothesis testing) and using it to make predictions. If you want to work as a quantitative researcher, you’ll need to understand quantitative modelling techniques and model validation.

Average salary: R345,000 per year