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Surprising Covid-19 job findings

In the wake of COVID-19’s destructive impact, South Africa’s job market has been feeling the pressure in more than one way. SA has lost almost half of all its vacancies advertised online. And for the first time since Adzuna started tracking job data, we’ve got less than 62,000 live online ads. But we have also been noticing an increase in COVID-19 jobs.

The fall in advertised jobs has had a disproportionate effect on most industries and sectors with industries like Travel & Tourism among the most negatively affected. Almost every region in the country has lost nearly half of its advertised vacancies since March 2020. This means that almost every corner of the country has been left untouched by the devastating effects of the coronavirus.

The only region not to be affected by the COVID-19 crisis was the Western Cape. Against all odds, the Western Cape actually showed an increase in jobs while the rest of the country’s regions struggled to keep head above water. The Western Cape and Gauteng is home to the majority of COVID-19 jobs.

COVID-19 impact on SA jobs


Breakdown of South Africa’s job market

Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga both came in at the bottom of the pile. Both provinces lost 53% of their vacancies. At the opposite side of the scale is Western Cape which saw an increase of 34% in online advertised jobs.

The only other majorly affected region is the North West, who lost 42% of all advertised jobs. Gauteng still has the highest number of jobs in absolute terms and now has 16,288 jobs live from 25,064, a decline of 36%.

Except for the Western Cape, the situation seems to be uniform across all provinces of South Africa.

ZA provinceAd Count March 2020Ad Count April 2020Ad Count May 2020% Change
Eastern Cape325317371535-53%
Free State662522461-31%
Kwazulu Natal486038333461-29%
North West687428401-42%
Northern Cape408309284-31%
Western Cape123571778016592+34%

COVID-19 jobs on the rise

There is no denying that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted almost every aspect of life in South Africa including the way we work and how we consume. The virus has undoubtedly destroyed millions of jobs. But it has surprisingly also created a demand for new types of jobs. The majority of companies are trying to ensure their staff can safely return to the office. This is probably why we have seen an increase in COVID-19 jobs.

By mid-June, there were almost 300 COVID-19 jobs listed on Adzuna, which is an increase of 200% when compared to April this year. Remote working opportunities have also increased exponentially since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in South Africa.

Jesse Green, country manager for Adzuna SA says: “It is interesting to see how this public health disaster is creating a range of jobs aimed at containing the disease. Jobs like pharmacist’s assistant and registered nurse have risen quickly. But we expect the demand for these skills to increase even more over the coming months.”



According to Adzuna’s latest stats, here are the jobs that are set to stick around for a while as the country rides out this pandemic:

IT Jobs

From remote IT support to remote full-stack developers, there are quite a lot of IT jobs currently on offer in South Africa. In fact, this is the industry with the most vacancies at the moment. If you are based in the Western Cape, you probably have a better shot at landing one of these jobs. The Western Cape is home to almost half of all IT jobs on offer in the country.

Jobs on offer – 16,627

Average salary – R570,000 per year


Healthcare Jobs

The demand for registered nurses is something that has been growing steadily over the past few months. As hospitals try to gear up for the peak of the virus, they’re recruiting as many nurses as possible. This is in a bid to ensure they can provide healthcare services to those who need it most.

Jobs on offer – 4,475

Average Salary – R494,641 per year


Research Jobs

There will likely be a surge in COVID-19 research jobs before the end of August 2020. These positions entail collecting information that can help researchers better understand how to diagnose, treat, and prevent the virus. Most of these COVID-19 specific positions are currently offered at major South African universities. The good news is that you might be able to secure long-term employment if you get in with a COVID-19 position.

Jobs on offer – 3,730

Average Salary – R514,971

Coronavirus affecting SA job market

Unique Covid-19 jobs

Although the majority of Covid-19 jobs can be found in the IT and Healthcare sectors, there some scenarios that didn’t only contribute to the demand for pre-existing skills, but rather created a new demand for coronavirus-related skills. These include:

Covid-19 Compliance Officer

These roles include implementing post-Covid-19 Health & Safety records for site-based staff, booking staff for medicals if required, taking temperatures of all staff and maintaining records for Covid 19.

Average salary – R15,000 per month

Production of Face Masks

Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask when they leave their homes, so the demand for masks and those making the will probably be around for a while. If you can work a sewing machine, your skills might really come in handy during these trying times.

Average salary – R13,500 per month

Sanitising Products Sales

With the amount of sanitising that has to happen as companies open up after the lockdown, the demand for sales agents specialising in health and hygiene has increased considerably.

Average salary – R7,500 per month


Final thoughts

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has hugely disrupted the South African job market, it looks like there is hope in the form of jobs created in a response to the virus.  If you’d like to find one of these jobs, head over to our vacancy listings right now! Adzuna lists all the Covid-19 jobs in one place to help job seekers find employment during these trying times.