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The real value of internships

Internships for graduates

2020 has been a rocky road so far, and there’s no denying that COVID-19 shook the SA job market to its core. More people are looking for employment opportunities than ever before, and right now, upping your ante in the skills department is imperative if you want to land a job. Jobseekers looking for permanent employment can put themselves ahead of the game with the help of internships. Not sure why? Read on to find out why these programs are priceless on your resume!


How internships improve your credibility

They stand out on your CV

Internships allow jobseekers to gain industry experience, and that’s one of the most valuable commodities in the market at the moment. There might be thousands of other people with qualifications similar to yours, but how many of them have hands-on experience? Completing an internship proves that you’re future-focused and dedicated toward success. It also sets you up with an excellent track record, which not many first-time job seekers have.


Apprenticeships teach you valuable skills

Textbooks and lectures can only teach you so much. When you complete a training program, you would have put your theory to practice and developed practical skills and a deeper understanding of the workplace. It also introduces you to life as a full-time employee, including the daily commute and office politics, which is all part of the game.

They can lead to something more

If you do really well during an internship, the employer might just offer you a permanent role when the program comes to an end. Many employers use internships as trail runs to see how potential candidates perform. In fact, some companies exclusively hire individuals that have completed internships offered by the organisation.

It’s a great way to start building your network

Networking is such an essential element of a successful career, and the sooner you start doing it, the more it’ll benefit you. Interns have the opportunity of networking with leaders in their industry, and sometimes, who you know is far more critical than what you know.


You’ll probably earn an income for “learning”

Although a lot of internships are unpaid, there are some programs that not only offer free training but also incentivise you for your time. The Employment Tax incentive makes it much more appealing for companies to subsidise wages of trainees. And it’s a win-win for you too since you can actually make some money while completing your training!

Apprenticeships help you test the waters

The last thing you want to do is start a new job only to realise you hate it. Not just the job, but the industry you chose to invest your time in too. Internships allow you to take a test drive of the industry before you commit to the cause. This is especially beneficial for graduates that aren’t sure what area of work they’re looking to go into. Worst case scenario: you learn valuable skills that you can use in another industry.

Test the waters

Adzuna lists hundreds of training programs and apprentice opportunities for graduates and individuals looking to change their career paths. If you’re keen on improving your skillset and boosting your chances of landing your dream job, start browsing the listings today!