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Creative Jobs for Right-Brained Individuals

It might seem like finding ideal creative jobs is an uphill battle if you’re right-brained. Jobs that don’t stimulate the artistic flair of the right-brained individual might make them feel like they have to give up an important of themselves or settle for a low salary. But luckily that’s not the case.

The truth is that any job can be creative if you approach it with the right mindset.  Some of the most obvious creative jobs include copywriting and graphic design, but software development can be just as creative, depending on your perspective.

Not only are there plenty of jobs out there that let you bring your creative side to work, but most of them also offer very attractive salaries. Adzuna did some digging and rounded up some of the best jobs that’ll let you showcase your creative flair on the job!

Lucrative Creative Jobs

#1 – Agile Coach

Agile coaches work with specific teams (generally software developers and product engineers) to help them manage their projects more effectively. You’ll need organisational skills with must be good with visuals to become an agile manager. But you’ll also need high emotional intelligence, be well-versed in agile workflow methodologies, and great project management skills. You can also opt to get certified in the field or you can break into the role through on-the-job experience you can gain at a smaller company.

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#2 – UX Designer

In a UX (user experience) design role, you’ll be in charge of the methods used to help customers engage and interact with your organisation’s brand. This role varies widely from one company to the next and is part of the reason why it’s one of the best creative jobs to consider. Perhaps you’ll be in charge of mapping their user flow pattern online, or if you’re working in retail, it might be a physical checkout counter that needs optimizing. If you’ve got a problem-solving mindset and a desire to make everything better, you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this role. However, you’ll need good research and testing skills to better understand your product’s users and their expectations.

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#3 – Product Designer

Product designers can be tasked with designing packaging, furniture, and toys. They might also be responsible for creating new software and digital products. These professionals are in charge if shaping the things consumers use on a daily basis. From apps and web platforms to sneakers and headphones, they make sure consumers get what they need. Product designers generally have great drawing and drafting skills and might be a good fit for you if you’re interested in creating physical products. You’ll also have to work with cross-functional teams to find creative solutions to challenges.

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#4 – Creative Director

Creative directors wear a variety of hats depending on what industry they’re in. In general, however, they’re in charge of shaping the aesthetic direction of a brand.  These professionals are generally in charge of managing teams of other creatives, which means they need excellent leadership and communication skills. This also isn’t an entry or mid-level role; you’ll need to work your way up the corporate ladder to get there.

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#5 – Software Developer

Software developers write codes to build new software and update existing programs. They’re always using their creative skills to solve problems and create visually appealing user interfaces. This role requires you to have strong analytical skills to reverse-engineer solutions to user problems. To get in as a software developer, you’ll need solid coding skills and the ability to see the bigger picture. A degree in computer science is beneficial for anyone looking to get into an IT role. But many companies will hire talent with self-taught coding skills.

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