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5 Smart Tools to Help You Job Search like A Super Hero

It’s no secret that hunting for the perfect job is no easy feat. In fact, it is a full-time job in itself from researching opportunities, writing the perfect resume and cover letter, keeping up to date with industry news and networking. There are, however, a number of killer tools that are designed to optimize your search Continued »

Jobs Requiring Degrees Increase in South Africa

South Africa has one of the strongest employment markets on the continent with a thriving job market in most industries. However new research has shown that 27% of advertised vacancies favor job seekers with degrees. There has been a 20% increase in the number of job positions that require higher education something that isn’t in abundance Continued »

Job Market Update from Adzuna

What has been happening on the South African job market? With the exception of a reduction in the average salary and increased scarcity of critical skills, everything else appears to have remained constant since January. The number of online jobs raised a bit as many companies across the board actively participated in the recruitment process; Continued »

Why You Shouldn’t Exaggerate on Your Resume

Most professional, at some point in their career, will wish that their resume packed a bit more punch, that it contained some sparkling accolades or some big name employers. However, exaggerating on your resume is a recipe for disaster and here’s why. 1. You will have to prove it. When hiring managers invite you for Continued »

How to write Job Ads Candidates Can’t Resist

Employers! Here’s one quick question: are you posting the right job ads to engage the best candidates? The problem is, many companies are too overloaded up with work that something as seemingly insignificant as a job ad can often find itself at the bottom of the priority list. This is no excuse for slapping up an unattractive Continued »

10 Tech Interview Errors

With the current increase in advertised technology jobs in the South African job market, now is the time to pounce for all job seekers with highly sought after skills such as engineers and program developers. The job description is a perfect match, you’ve impressed with your resume and now you have to shine in the interview. Continued »