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Adzuna is the preferred job search engine of job boards

After claiming the title in 2019, Adzuna once again emerged as the top job search engine used by job boards. This was confirmed by the 2020-21 Recruiting Sites Survey recently conducted by the JobBoardDoctor. After analysing responses from the survey respondents, 69% of them say they prefer using Adzuna for job searches. Adzuna won the Continued »

Surprising Covid-19 job findings

In the wake of COVID-19’s destructive impact, South Africa’s job market has been feeling the pressure in more than one way. SA has lost almost half of all its vacancies advertised online. And for the first time since Adzuna started tracking job data, we’ve got less than 62,000 live online ads. But we have also Continued »

Career Spotlight: Social Media Manager

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic storm, and while some jobs might be at risk, others, like that of a social media manager, will probably always be in demand. With roughly 2.307 billion social media users across the world, social media marketing (and its management) has become a significant business avenue. Even the Continued »