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Analytical Skills: How to Use Them in Your Job Hunt

Skills are super crucial for anyone looking for a new job. And you probably know that you need a good mix of hard skills, soft skills, and some tech skills to get recognised by potential employers. But a skill set that many of us overlook is analytical skills. As a matter of fact, many of Continued »

Top Websites Offering Online Classes to Boost Your Skills

Want to expand your skillset but don’t have the time or finances? Since many professionals don’t have the luxury of time, online courses might be the next best thing! Shorter than postgraduate programs and typically self-regulated, online classes cover just about every topic and skill imaginable. With a plethora of websites offering e-learning programs, the Continued »

5 High Paying Marketing Jobs to Consider

As one of the most diverse career paths out there, the roles and responsibilities of marketing jobs vary drastically from one industry to another. Of course,  with so many disciplines falling under the general umbrella of marketing, it’s not always easy to decide which way to go. There’s the technical side of marketing that covers Continued »

12 Awesome Resume Templates You Can Use

As a task nestled between the lines of exhausting and tricky, creating a resume requires a lot of careful consideration. You need an easy-to-use format that’ll suit your job experience, and obviously, it needs to contain all the relevant info. Luckily, the web is jam-packed with a plethora of resume templates to help you get Continued »

Online courses in marketing ideal for beginners!

Perhaps you never imagined working in marketing, but suddenly, the field is calling your name. Thanks to online courses, picking up a new skill is easier than it has ever been, and in most cases, they cost a fraction of tuition fees. Recently, Adzuna did a little web crawling and found a handful of brilliant Continued »

Career change? Here are the best entry-level jobs!

Entry-level jobs have, in many ways, become synonymous with low wages. But that’s a generalised idea. The truth is that many entry positions pay well; you just need to figure out which roles and industries will give you the most bang for your entry-level buck. The secret lies in supply and demand. When there are Continued »

Career tests and quizzes to help you find your calling

Regardless of whether you’re just starting to figure out what career to pursue or if you’re looking to make a complete career change, answering the “what career suits me best?” question can feel overwhelming. The good news is that there are many career tests and quizzes that can help you narrow down your options. And Continued »

Working remotely: Here are the best careers to consider!

The idea of working remotely has been on the rise for years, and after 2020, it has become a standard for most businesses. The flexibility of a telecommuting role allows professionals to craft the careers (and lives) of their dreams. Even though COVID-19 changed our perspective on the possibilities of working remotely, some jobs are Continued »