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The importance of internship programs and their value

As we stand ready to face new challenges in 2022, perhaps it’s time to rethink internship programs if you’re about to enter the workforce. More people are looking for employment opportunities than ever before, and right now, upping your ante in the skills department is imperative if you want to land a job. Jobseekers looking Continued »

Job search tools from Adzuna to get you ahead of the game!

Does finding a job feel like a job in itself?  You’re not alone! It can be daunting to search for employment opportunities with so many career platforms out there. But luckily, Adzuna has a range of job search tools that make it easier than ever to ensure you’re giving your job-hunting efforts all you’ve got. Continued »

New year, new job: How to do it right!

After months of searching for the perfect role, you’ve hit the jackpot and are amped for starting your new job. But this isn’t where your journey ends. In fact, this is where you’ll set the stage for long-term success. You have loads to learn and even more to prove. Here are some of the most Continued »

Increase productivity with these easy career tips and tricks!

Ticking all the items off your to-do list is one of the most satisfactory feelings in the world. But everyone struggles with productivity at one stage or another. If you’re feeling a little under-inspired, Adzuna has some great tips to help you increase productivity! P.S – It has nothing to do with working longer hours. Continued »

Job search mistakes to avoid in 2022!

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about job-hunting out there. The majority of them can mean the difference between landing the job of your dreams and staying unemployed for the foreseeable future. Adzuna rounded up some of the worst job search mistakes in a bid to help you avoid them at all costs. Continued »

Online marketing courses to boost your career in 2022!

Perhaps you never imagined working in marketing, but suddenly, the field is calling your name. Thanks to online marketing courses, picking up a new skill is easier than it has ever been. What’s better is that in most cases, they cost a fraction of tuition fees. Adzuna did a little web crawling and found a Continued »

3 job hunting tips anyone can use!

Did you know that there are at least 100 people with the same skills, education, and experience you have? All of them are looking for jobs too. Differentiating and making yourself stand out to employers will probably always be a challenge, but there are ways in which you can be more effective at job hunting. Continued »

Entry-level IT jobs for tech graduates 2022

We live in a world that seems to thrive on technological advancements. Because the emphasis on IT jobs is greater than it has ever been, isn’t it time to rethink the future of your career? Adzuna did some research and uncovered some of the best entry-level IT jobs for tech pros of the future. From Continued »

Voice-over artists: Dream job for many!

What do Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman have in common? Bet you didn’t guess that they’re both voice-over artists! And here’s a little secret: if you have a great voice, this is a job you might want to consider! Over the last few years, the demand for professional voice-over artists has dramatically increased. With more Continued »