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CV Writing Advice: From Zero To Hero

Nailing your CV is the most important initial hurdle when it comes to job hunting. This is the first time your future employer will meet you so making a good first impression is key. We’re not just talking snazzy design features, we’re talking about a CV that flaunts your value and emphasizes what you can Continued »

10 Creative Job Applications We Love

This week, the Adzuna team has been pondering the all-important question of what makes a CV really stand out from the crowd. A while ago, we heard a radio interview with a famous advertising guru. He spoke about his struggles, successes and how it all started for him. At the beginning of his career, after Continued »

South African Jobs Market Poised for Growth

South African unemployment has fallen from 25.4% to 24.3%, in the last quarter of 2014, according to figures released by the government this week. Despite unemployment levels remaining high, it can’t be denied that this fall represents good news, particularly as it comes against a backdrop of more generic economic positivity, with the South African Continued »

How to write a professional CV

You’ve made up your mind: you want to embark on a wonderful new role, and just need to find the perfect place to use your talents. There are loads of vacancies listed that you know you’re perfect for: you’ve got the skills, the knowhow and even a shiny new suit, but no one has offered Continued »

Skill Shortages and Career Opportunities

2014 has been a somewhat sad year for the South African unemployment rate. It has seen thousands of job losses, particularly for young people, across the country, from mining to transport, logistics, and wholesale to retail. However, all you bright young things should listen up, because the Adzuna team has been working hard, searching far Continued »