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Game for some danger pay? Here are SA’s most dangerous jobs

You’d think that some of SA’s most dangerous jobs would be along the lines of healthcare workers and pretty much anything requiring you to work with crowds thanks to the global Covid19 panic. Perhaps the current viral situation does make jobs in healthcare a little riskier, but today, we’re not focusing on the healthcare sector Continued »

How to up your computer skills even if you’re 40+

Google seems like a word cemented into the modern vocabulary, but not everyone is as savvy with tech terms (or usage of the actual tech) as Bill Gates, the guy that founded Google. The truth is that older employees, in particular, might feel left behind by their lack of computer skills. In almost all sectors Continued »

Career podcasts that can greatly benefit your job

We all love a good podcast. They’re entertaining and often serve as great ways of productively passing time on your morning commute to the office. Here are some of the best career podcasts that offer free job advice; perfect for keeping you motivated and inspired to fine-tune your skills.   A roundup of the best Continued »

Here’s what you need to know about career capital

At one stage or another, we all strive to invest in ourselves so that we can serve the world, in one way or another. When we refer to the term “career capital,” we’re referring to what efforts you invest in yourself in order to brighten up not only your own future but that of the Continued »

Working from home in South Africa: A complete guide

If you have been contemplating the idea of leaving the world of open-plan offices behind and embarking on a journey towards working from home in South Africa, you are not alone. 2017 stats from Dimension Data indicated that 42% of all South African companies had employees working from home on a full-time basis. Regus also Continued »

Everything you need to know about probationary employment

With the onset of the New Year, a lot of has-been job seekers are starting out at their new jobs. They’ve been hired, and they’re ready to start the brand new chapters of their lives. But here’s the catch: They’ve signed employment contracts which have three-month probationary periods.Are they able to call themselves employees or Continued »