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Adzuna is the preferred job search engine of job boards

After claiming the title in 2019, Adzuna once again emerged as the top job search engine used by job boards. This was confirmed by the 2020-21 Recruiting Sites Survey recently conducted by the JobBoardDoctor. After analysing responses from the survey respondents, 69% of them say they prefer using Adzuna for job searches. Adzuna won the Continued »

How to enhance your CV to land your first job

Job searching can be a daunting and depressing rollercoaster, especially if you don’t have an abundance of work experience.  When you finally spot a perfect opportunity, there’s only one tool that’ll help you stand out from the crowd of applicants: your resume. But how can you enhance your CV if you’re just starting to climb Continued »

Asking for an increase: When and how to do it

The art of asking for an increase is something that every skilled employee has to develop during their career. Here at Adzuna, we’re all for arming the South African workforce with the tools they need to up their professional ante. Today, we’ll be taking a look at how to negotiate a pay raise, so you Continued »

The real value of internships

2020 has been a rocky road so far, and there’s no denying that COVID-19 shook the SA job market to its core. More people are looking for employment opportunities than ever before, and right now, upping your ante in the skills department is imperative if you want to land a job. Jobseekers looking for permanent Continued »

How to perfect the art of social media job hunting

By now, you probably know all about how your LinkedIn profile can work for or against you in the arena of social media job hunting. But even though we refer to it as “social media”, your Facebook profile can also help improve your career prospects. If you’re keen on making lasting connections with like-minded professionals Continued »

Simplify your job hunt with Adzuna tools

In uncertain times like these, it seems like finding the job of your dreams is a job in itself. Even though there are a lot of great seemingly great career platforms online, it’s not easy to harness their full capabilities if you don’t understand how they work. For first-time job seekers, this can be an Continued »

How your online reputation affects the job hunt

You might not have considered this before, but did you know that your online reputation can have a significant impact on your job search? As more and more recruiters start vetting candidates via search engines, it’s essential to see your social media presence as more than just a way of connecting with friends and family. Continued »

How to land your first job

Are you looking to land your first job after graduating but don’t have any experience to get your foot in the door? You’re not alone. Graduate anxiety is a common issue that most newbies in the job market face. You’ve taken the time to gain relevant a relevant qualification, but you might have no practical Continued »

Jobs that offer the best work-life balance

Work-life balance is and probably always will be a hot topic for everyone within the workforce as more and more people strive to hit the sweet spot between personal and professional. How are you dividing your time and focus between the office and your leisure activities? As more and more people start searching for jobs Continued »