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Dressing for a job interview: Tips and Tricks

Dressing for an interview can be a make or break point for landing the job of your dreams. The same rule applies to your exit interview. Job interviews can be super stressful because you have a limited time to show your best qualities to a total stranger. On top of being able to talk the Continued »

Exit interview questions you’ll probably have to answer

After submitting your 2-week notice letter, you’re just about ready to make it through the last stretch before you bid your co-workers farewell and hit the road to higher career goals. But then, you get that email from HR, inquiring about a suitable time to schedule your exit interview.   If you thought it was Continued »

Big companies looking to hire SA talent

There are various big companies that are currently recruiting trained, skilled South African citizens to work within their multinational companies. But it’s not just the international firms like Barclays that are hiring, local names are also taking in fresh talent. Here’s a quick look at who’s hiring right now:   Big companies hiring right now Continued »

Can you make money driving trucks in SA?

You’ve seen it on the big screen and you’ve heard people talk about how truck drivers make a decent living in the USA. But is this really a viable job option for South Africans? Adzuna did some digging, and the results of what we found might come as a surprise. According to the Department of Continued »

Jobs that pay well and have great growth potential

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that a job could lead to your personal and financial success before you even submit your CV? After reading LinkedIn’s “Most Promising Jobs of 2019” list, we analysed job listings over at Adzuna and compiled our own list of the most promising jobs. The jobs in this list all Continued »

Careers you actually need tech skills for

Most people know their way around the web these days. Which also means that most of us know how to use standard office software and social media. But in order to stand out in a job search, you need to update your skill set to match the needs of companies, and that means acquiring some Continued »

Basic skills all job seekers need

If it sounds cliché to say that you’re a people person with great communication skills, a problem solver that’s computer literate, and that you’re able to adapt to a variety of different situations, you’re right. But these are also some of the most basic skills that all employers look for wen hiring new talent.   Continued »