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Career paths in the finance sector that might spark your interest

There are a plethora of jobs available within the finance sector, and they range considerably with opportunities open to graduates and non-graduates alike. If you’re considering a new career path within the sector and you’re contemplating your options, here are some ideas.   Jobs in the finance sector for non-graduates One of the most common Continued »

Everything you need to know about working remotely

Here at Adzuna, we’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to advice and experience in the world of employment. We’re always monitoring industry trends, pay ranges, and of course hot topics in the world of jobs. One such topic that seems to spark the interest of millions of people around the world is Continued »

Ten jobs in demand for the next ten years

If you’re currently reconsidering your university subjects or rethinking the safety of your job during and after the age of AI, it’s time to sit down and pay attention to what the jobs of the future will look like and get real as far as jobs in demand for the next ten years are concerned. Continued »

SA’s three fastest growing tech sectors

Although South Africa doesn’t exactly lead the market when it comes to digital innovation, our tech sector does account for just under one-third of all employment opportunities across the board. Jobs in tech have grown at more than twice the rate compared to those that aren’t within the tech industry, and this rate is forecast Continued »

Sales jobs with the highest commission structures

When considering commission structures for sales jobs, it can vary depending on the demand for the product or service as well as the talent and experience an employee has. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the different types of sales commissions and uncovering some of the highest paying jobs (commission-based of Continued »

Want to travel the world? Here are your career options!

Who wouldn’t say yes to an opportunity for travelling the world while earning oodles of cash? The only problem is that more often than not, finding that “dream travelling gig” seems like an unachievable dream. But here at Adzuna, we’re out to prove you wrong. We’ve rounded up some of the best travel-based jobs that Continued »

THIS is how much SA celebs are worth

SA celebs, with their glamorous lifestyles, have always been a source of envy, often earning small fortunes from their jobs that started as mere hobbies. Judging from a year’s gross earnings, South Africa’s five highest-paid celebrities are worth anything between R16 million and a whopping R208 million! Green around the cheeks yet? Let’s take a Continued »

How to (successfully) close off the job interview

You’ve just answered every interview question with flair, congrats! But before you walk out that door, you have a final shot to close off the job interview and drive home the win. Your last impression is also a lasting one. How you wrap things up will stick with the interviewer just as much as your Continued »