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Everything you need to know about marketing jobs in South Africa

As it grows and adapts to the new demands of consumers, South Africa’s marketing sector is seeing some great positive changes. With a positive outlook for growth within the industry, there has never been a better time to make a move and join the marketing sector. But before you jump the gun, here’s what you need to know.


Different marketing jobs in South Africa

The marketing industry offers an enormous array of career options. Here’s a summary of which jobs are currently available within the sector.

1. Account manager

Average salary: R430,665 per year

Account managers work within the direct, digital, and advertising industries. They are tasked with overseeing marketing campaigns, and their daily activities include managing client portfolios, delivering presentations, attending meetings with clients, and generating new business leads.


2. Brand manager

Average salary: R430,017 per year

As a brand manager, you will be ensuring that your company’s brand lives up to its integrity and appearance. Brand managers do a lot of consumer research, but they also have to manage junior staff members and keep tabs on the latest market trends.


3. Event manager

Average salary: R315, 756 per year

Since the marketing industry has seen significant change over the last few years, companies are valuing the importance of face-time with their consumers more than they ever did. And this is exactly where event managers come in. These professionals make events happen on time and within a certain budget. They also ensure high-quality customer service and provide leadership to their teams


4. Marketing assistant

Average salary: R215,619 per year

Marketing assistants are responsible for supporting the marketing manager in a way that goes above and beyond just the boring 9-5 desk job. The jobs includes pretty much everything and anything from arranging promotional events to communicating with clients and creating online content.


5. Public relations officer

Average salary: R262,419 per year

As a PR professional, you will be tasked with generating better publicity for your clients. Regular duties include overseeing social media PR campaigns and content production, building positive media relationships, and writing press releases.