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Should you move abroad for a new job?

It’s never easy deciding whether or not you should move abroad for a new job and the hopes of starting a happier new life elsewhere. But sometimes, we have to go after our dream jobs, even if it means relocation overseas although we’re not too keen on the idea. But how do you make that call? Here are some important things you’ll have to consider.


Things to consider before relocating for work

What about the kids?

If you’ve got kids, you’ll need to carefully consider whether or not you’re willing to pack up and relocate your kids to a new country and a new school system. Remember that they’ll have to make new friends and you won’t have your extended family around to help out with the kids anymore. This is a major factor to consider before planning the actual move.

Preparation, admin and costs also come into play. After knowing the price of flights, new housing, schooling and even apostilling your South African qualifications and documents, you hopefully have some money left over!


Is the grass greener over there?

Most folks move abroad because job prospects are more attractive overseas than they are back home. Perhaps the industry you’re in is experiencing a rough patch on home soil, but it’s thriving abroad. In this instance, you’ll have much more opportunities overseas than you have here. While you’re on the topic, it’s worth checking into other details like salaries and incentives and whether or not they’re more appealing than the ones offered in your home country.


Will the move help you progress in your career?

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with no way of working yourself up in the company, it might be wise to make a move if it offers more opportunities for career growth. If you’ve already got a handful of skills and a lot of experience, you can browse Adzuna’s US, UK, German, Australian, or New Zealand sites. They’re all great sources that can help you find a great job which offers loads of room for professional growth.


Will you be able to bridge the cultural and language barriers?

Business doesn’t look the same across the world, so it’s important to consider you adaptability before just packing up and leaving the country. Perhaps you’ll need to learn a new language to blend in with your new environment. Your new home’s cultural traditions might also be a bit problematic at first, so it’s always wise to keep these things in mind.


Do you have a few options or are you limited to one country?

Some of us are dead set on exactly where we want to end up in life. Perhaps we’re in love with the way of life in a certain country or city. But there are also times when we’re forced to move to a certain destination because it simply makes much more financial sense. Regardless of what’s driving your decisions, it’s best to stay as open and as flexible as possible when considering relocation.


It’s not always easy to weigh up the pros and cons of moving abroad for work, but it’s something we all have to do. If you’re having a lot of doubts, it’s best to check out the job prospects right here, on home turf with But if you’re convinced that a new life abroad is what’s best for you and your family, Adzuna is still here to lend a helping hand. With offices around the world, we’re here to help you find the best job out there, wherever your “there” might be!