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How to (successfully) close off the job interview

Interview Questions About Your Personality

You’ve just answered every interview question with flair, congrats! But before you walk out that door, you have a final shot to close off the job interview and drive home the win. Your last impression is also a lasting one. How you wrap things up will stick with the interviewer just as much as your first impression. Need some advice on the subject? Read Adzuna’s tips on how to make the perfect exit!

Tips to close off the job interview

1. Always ask some questions about the role and the company

In most cases, a hiring manager will give you an opportunity to ask them some questions at the end of an interview. And this is where you can really shine. Go ahead and ask the questions to which you can’t find answers for online. Good questions to ask include why the position is open and what will be expected from you within the first 90 days of being employed. You can also ask the HR manager what they love about working for the company and how performance is measured within the company.


2. Make it clear that you’re interested

Before you walk out the door, just take a minute to reiterate the idea that you really want the position. By showing a high level of engagement, you’re showing the recruiter that you’re really into the job. Mention that you think you’d be a good cultural fit for the company. This is a big deal to hiring managers since six out of ten managers often misjudge a candidate’s compatibility with company culture.


3. Give a quick summary about why you’re the best fit for the job

Close off the job interview on a high note by restating your value proposition just before you leave. You’re not the only candidate vying for this job which is why you want to put the spotlight on your talent. In a few short phrases, mention your key skills and experiences and what you can bring to the table.


4. Enquire about the next steps

This is a no-brainer, but it’s something that a lot of job seekers tend to forget about. It’s important to ask the hiring manager what the next steps of their hiring process look like. Once you’re out that door, you need to be sure about what to expect.


It’s time to fine-tune your interview skills

Of course, what you say during the interview matters a lot, but what you say when the show is over matters just as much. If you need some help crafting compelling answers to common interview questions, Adzuna’s blog has got your back! We’ve got some of the best insights, golden nuggets of career advice and job search tips to help you find and land your dream job!