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Everything you need to know about working remotely

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Here at Adzuna, we’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to advice and experience in the world of employment. We’re always monitoring industry trends, pay ranges, and of course hot topics in the world of jobs. One such topic that seems to spark the interest of millions of people around the world is the idea of working remotely.


As a digital nomad, you spend your time working with VPNs, mobile phones, in coffee shops, meetup groups and virtual clients. Even though this kind of lifestyle has its fair share of challenges, those who pursue it wouldn’t swap it for the world.


The benefits of working remotely

You’ve probably read all the pros and cons of working from home before. But the truth is that if you can avoid distraction, you can totally be productive working under your own rood. If you’ve got the discipline, it takes to proactively approach your day, working from home can be a great success. And when you do head into some sort of base camp, you’ll actually find that you’re more productive there too.


Of course, being able to get stuff done during your work week (outside of just work) is a major perk of the job description. Those lunchtime runs to the bank, and quick shopping trips are realities when you work from home.


The cons of working remotely

When you’re El Solo Lobo and working from home, it can get very quiet. You won’t be surrounded by the vibrancy of an office environment, which can cause some problems. You also need to keep your focus in check at all times. If you’re working remotely regularly, the chances are that you’re pretty good at keeping yourself composed and staying focused.


The epic part about being a digital nomad

Depending on what kind of projects you work on, how many meetings you have a week etc., you have the freedom to explore your city and build your professional network whenever you want. By being able to talk to people you randomly meet, you have more opportunities for engagement with potential clients.


With the flexibility of your schedule, you’re given an engaging way of working, surrounded by new spaces, people and opportunities for professional networking in one of the most informal ways.


What are the stats on remote work in South Africa?

A lot of locals think that working remotely is a luxury that doesn’t lend itself to South African shores. But that’s where you’re wrong. More and more companies are offering their employees the opportunity of working from home.


In 2017, Dimension Data interviewed executives of companies with at least 1,000 employees. It was found that 42% of organisations in SA have full-time employees that work from home. 67% of the executives interviewed said that they expected to have full-time work-from-home employees by the end of 2019. On a global scale, this figure is 10% lower!


Adzuna reviewed it’s online job listings and found that there were 845 remote working positions available throughout South Africa by the end of April 2019. The average salary for remote jobs is around R430,000 per year. If you’re keen on learning more and finding your dream job today, here’s where to start searching!